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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

bench update 01 June 2023

Well these are okay! I've got the best three LCh for the 3.0 list Hyksos - luckily the general is one of the three - and with ochre and stone (grey grout with grit mixed in) they are not going to look too badly out of place next to allies like sherden or libyans.
Same goes for the Bd and Ps elements. Don't get me wrong, they are far short of perfect. Once I am through the far side of new army builds I suspect I'll circle back.

bench update 31 May 2023

Bits n pieces work - before getting into the camelry, I'm experimenting with renovating the existing bases of my Hyksos side. That is, the old olive colored ones that don't match the later ochre-and-stone ones. Just overpainting will not do, because they have sawdust flock. So I've spread ivory grout on, but won't be throwing grit down until I have ochre paint on.
If this does not work, I'll have to chisel the minis out and base them properly!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Libyan I/7b awaiting matt spray

Not much to say - the base finish is ochre over ivory grouting latex, mixed grit dry brushed with silver-grey, and gamers grass swamp? Something burnt-looking anyway. Not great compared to some of the other chariots-r-go sides but ok enough. I can always add some herb sprinkles or thin olive wash patches later.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

bench update 28 May 2023

Gosh I wish every weekend could see this kind of progress! The good combo of weather and pressure I'm feeling combined to see me speed-painting the Libyans and getting them onto bases. I even had time to glue the LCh crew in.
Speed-finished minis - I stuck with 50-50 varnish/flesh wash, then went back over hair. White highlights and probably cape detailing remain. 
Ivory latex grouting, from Selleys. It holds moisture well, allowing enough time to go back over all bases with mixed-size grit in a wet solution.
Grit will need to be applied later, once ochre color is done. The staining is from a wash of the same varnish/flesh. Crew have bases (and feet) trimmed down to fit, then superglue is used. 

Friday, May 26, 2023

bench update 27 May 2023

Bulk painting is all done today, and the LCh mounts are done too, which is a relief. Carefully reaching through a base to get to hard to reach spots is not something I like to try!

Looming in the background of this shot is the pile of camelry that arrived recently to fill the gaps in Bedoiun and one of the Andalusian/Saracen variants. The pressure is on!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

bench update 21 May 2023

Today I focused on the LCh again, getting them to the point where they are fixed to bases. I seem to remember needing very firm platforms when it comes to fixing the crew in. Once these are dry I can finish up the harness, shading of beasts, etc.
I also tested a couple of washes as a way to finish the foot without over-darkening. The mini on far right has an Army Painter flesh wash, which is probably the way to go (mixing with varnish, I mean).

Friday, May 19, 2023

bench update 20 May 2023

The last couple of days I've turned my attention to the LCh. Sorting out which minis to use as general and driver and archer has the useful side-effect of confirming the Libyans are only good for the 7b side, the period where they swung the same big bronze swords as other post-Troy foes of Egypt.
Base coated LCh- they are not fixed to those bases, it just seemed convenient to use them

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

bench update 16 May 2023

The "brush upward" being satisfactory - had to use quite a liberal brush or else multiple coats - it's then time for "brush downward" with about 25:75 tan to bronzed flesh. 

Again, quite a liberal brush is needed and I later spot-brush onto shoulders or sheltered cheeks with a much smaller dry brush. (The steps above using a big makeup brush).

Next I'm testing how easy or hard a simple silver-grey coat onto feathers, loinband, and cloak is:

Sunday, May 14, 2023

bench update 14 May 2023

Stage 2 of the Libyan paint job is brushing, in an upward-focused way, Vallejo Elf Skintone. 

I've also sorted out the two light chariots needed for 7b, but have yet to prep them. They are the ubiquitous Atlantic Egyptian types.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

bench update 11 May 2023

Thanks to Norman Dean I have a new approach to base coating the Libyans - gesso! It's pretty good, just a few gaps here and there, though I won't know how flexible it stays until towards the end of the project. I used the same splat on thick, brush again with a coarse dry brush, as I do with thin base wash.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

I/7ab Early Libyan project begins

I'm not sure how far along I can get with this project. Caesar's minis don't have a great match to the 3.0 edition list. But I do have spare LCh components for the b list, and I swapped sword wielders for javelin bearers today. Many years back when I first began this kit, I added grey stuff cloak/garments to some Atlantic Egyptian clubmen so those are ready.
Washed and on strips but Caesar plastic has once again nobbled my normal thin base coat. I'll have to experiment with paint plus varnish.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

bench update 07 May 2023

As a minimal update of Hebrews early and late, I've added two Psjav elements using the ever-useful HaT Alexander's Lights, and rebased a LCh. Getting the paint and flock right was a challenge! I succeeded with the Ps and went too heavy on the yellow ochre with the LCh.

Now the next problem I have is with three somewhat similar but different basing finishes, with armies that are supposed to mix and morph. These are Hyksis, Mitanni, Aramean, and Hittite OMK armies. 
I may just park this issue - perhaps do the Early Libyan army I have had semi-prepped for years?

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

bench update - banners for Normans and Andalusians

Over the past few days I've done some flags research, and Wikipedia has been the best resource.

I've selected two "Sicilian Normans" banners, and have used both of them!
Research shows that the Andalusians were mostly just using a plain white silk banner, so I've added one of those to denote a different CvGen element than the big square option.