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Friday, September 15, 2017

Italiate update

Since it's been over a month since I last posted, here's an update!

1. Goals: Syracusans, Samnites
Although Samnites aren't a given, my plan is to work towards the (a) field army for Syracusans, and (with previous 4Ax) at least 10 x 4Ax, which is the minimum for a Samnite army.

2. Kits: HaT Thebans, HaT Italian Allies - foot; and a couple of others
Syracusans are a kind of ethnic blend of Italianate and Hellenistic, and freely use mercenaries and the like. I'm using some Thebans from the big HaT kit, who will be believable Syracusan hoplites; and a couple of HaT Theban horse with shield added as Tarentine LH; and a couple of HaT slingers from the Iberians.
3. Force composition: Syracusans' (a) field army utilises all kinds of forces, none of which are Italianate 4Ax. On the other hand Samnites use 4Ax with a couple of skirmish options. So I may find I'm working in two different directions and it just won't work.

4. Progress: I already have a bolt-shooter element for the Syracusans, and could potentially use 2xCv and 4x4Sp (of Italianate style) from a couple of armies I already have. In present work I just have the two elements above for Syracusans. On the Samnite front I have 4x4Ax newly constructed, and I can add 3x4Ax from Bruttians.

In summary chugging along rather too ambitiously and very slowly!