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Friday, December 15, 2017

Italian options - the end?

Here we see the massed morph armies of:
II/8a Bruttian: lacking 2xHd peasants.
II/b Campanian: complete
II/9 Syracusan: lacking a distinct CvGen, 1x3Ax sikels. Must not include a cv option if facing Campanians.
II/13 Samnite: complete. Must have AxGen if facing Campanians.
In a pinch I can import Athenian CvGen for the Syracusans, or even Carthaginian.

Syracusan spears complete

The three elements to left are the final 12 minis. Now for the gloating, and to decide how attached I am to a CvGen.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

All done by Christmas?

I feel as though I'm finally, finally nearing the end of my Italian project. The base-coated lads are the last 12 spearmen for Syracusans.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Italiate update

Since it's been over a month since I last posted, here's an update!

1. Goals: Syracusans, Samnites
Although Samnites aren't a given, my plan is to work towards the (a) field army for Syracusans, and (with previous 4Ax) at least 10 x 4Ax, which is the minimum for a Samnite army.

2. Kits: HaT Thebans, HaT Italian Allies - foot; and a couple of others
Syracusans are a kind of ethnic blend of Italianate and Hellenistic, and freely use mercenaries and the like. I'm using some Thebans from the big HaT kit, who will be believable Syracusan hoplites; and a couple of HaT Theban horse with shield added as Tarentine LH; and a couple of HaT slingers from the Iberians.
3. Force composition: Syracusans' (a) field army utilises all kinds of forces, none of which are Italianate 4Ax. On the other hand Samnites use 4Ax with a couple of skirmish options. So I may find I'm working in two different directions and it just won't work.

4. Progress: I already have a bolt-shooter element for the Syracusans, and could potentially use 2xCv and 4x4Sp (of Italianate style) from a couple of armies I already have. In present work I just have the two elements above for Syracusans. On the Samnite front I have 4x4Ax newly constructed, and I can add 3x4Ax from Bruttians.

In summary chugging along rather too ambitiously and very slowly!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Back to Italian Ally Italy - Samnites?

Having re-motivated myself with the Punic period solos - and a hint of Spring in the air - I unearthed that extra box of Italiot foot and a Coates&Shine Theban box and started working on more elements of 4Ax. My aim is to expand my Italiot Realms to include an option of fielding Samnites (who require up to 12 x 4Ax!) and Syracusans (who are a blend of not-hoplites and Italiate plus allies).

Monday, July 10, 2017

[DBA3.0] Solo battle: Later Carthaginians II/32a v Numidians II/40

In which Later Carthaginians (LCart) go searching for their first win, and get their ass handed to them by Numidians (Num).


  1. Home and away: LCart Ag4 rnd6=10, Num Ag1 rnd2=6. Num are defence.
  2. Terrain: results on the random terrain roll are tweaked to portray Num home ground, in that 'hill' becomes 'difficult hill' and 'boggy' becomes 'woods'. The result of four rolls is a fairly symmetrical map with woods on one end, broken ground on the other, and two lengthwise difficult hills.
    (Later pictures have a stalagmite on each hill and a treestump on the woods to remind myself they are rough going.)
  3. Deployment: LCart roll high again and deploy left, Num deploy centre.
  4. The sides: Both have rolled attacking options, so once again LCart have no El and for their part Num go heavy on the LH. No El at all! Booo!
    LCart: 1xCvGen, 1xCv, 1xIberian LH 1xNumidian LH 'traitor', 3x4Sp, 1xLigurian 4Ax, 2xIberian 4Ax, 2xPs, 1xCF in camp.
    Num: 1xCvGen, 6xLH, 4xjavelin Ps, 1xsling Ps in camp.

The Game

Round 1

Num PIP3 axis 4=shift left, to left.
Reserving the right and centre, the left flank moves then Ps seize the heights!
LCart PIP1 axis 5=shift left, rotates to right.
All Ax wheel right. They are solid Ax and move 2BW.

Round 2

NUM PIP3 axis 1, remain left.
The centre LH race forward to join the left in a daring sweep! (Farthest element is now out of command, and the hill is threatening to block command to other LH.)

LCart PIP3 axis 5=shift left, to centre.
While reserve Ps (in woods) edge round to prevent a full encirclement, Ax rush the difficult ground, and reserve LH covers their flank.

Round 3

Num PIP3 axis 4=shift left, rotates to right.
The right flank is unleashed, Ps making extra moves to gain the right-flank heights!
LCart PIP6 axis 5=shift left, to left flank.
Skirmishing Ps race forward to the heights, Sp march slowly forward. Cv and LH move out, LH making one extra move. Command is becoming a problem.

Round 4

Num PIP2 axis 1=remain right.
LH cover the possibility of a thrust down the flank, and the 'traitor' menacing the Ps flanks.
LCart PIP5 axis4=shift left, rotates right.
The Ax are thrown up the heights into battle, gaining a lock, and one 4Sp is marched over rightward.
Melee 1: 4Ax rnd2+3 v locked Ps rnd6+2+1uphill-1locked=5:8. Recoil destroys locking Ax!
Melee 2: 4Ax rnd6+3-1flanked c Ps rnd4+2+1uphill=8:7, Ps recoil. (And looking at the photo, I notice they did not do that!)

Round 5

Num PIP2 axis6=shift right, rotates to left.
CvGen moves left, LH swing on 4Ax, 
Melee: LH rnd2+2 v 4Ax rnd6+3, LH flee (but are halted by friendly flank contact)
LCart PIP4 axis 6=shift right, rotates left.
Cv, CvGen and Ps all challenge for control of the left!
Melee 1: Cv are forced to recoil by pesky LH, exposing Ps to a double flanking.
Melee 2: Ps thus exposed is duly destroyed!
Melee 3: CvGen, flanked, manages an unsatisfactory recoil on the LH.

Round 6

Num PIP3 axis 6=shift right, to centre.
CvGen moves to centre enabling command over the hill, Ps lock on 4Ax on hill.

Melee: Ps rnd3+2+1uphill v 4Ax rnd3+3-1flanked=6:5, 4Ax destroyed!
LCart PIP3 axis 1=remain left.
CvGen closes, bringing traitor LH up on his right and 2x4Sp advance to cover heights.
Melee: CvGen rnd5+4-1 flanked v LH rnd3+2-1flanked=8:4, LH destroyed. At last!

Round 7

Num PIP2 axis 5=shift left, to left flank.
LH (the one in command line of sight) swing and charge!
Melee: LH rnd1+2 v 4Ax rnd3+3=3:6, LH flee again! (And once again halt on friendly flank contact.)
LCart PIP4 axis 1=remain left.
2x4Sp ascend heights and their fellow 4Sp reserve shift left. The reserve LH is pulled to centre. (This could have been a decisive punch through to trap the Num CvGen, axis dice said otherwise. A race forward would leave most of the LCart army out of command, so a more prudent advance makes sense.)

Round 8

Num PIP5 axis 2=remain left. 
Ps and LH team up to tackle 4Ax. With spare PIPs far-left LH sweep round to enter reserve Ps' ZOC.
Melee: Ps rnd2+2 v 4Ax rnd3+3-1flanked=4:5, Ps and LH recoil.

LCart PIP1 axis3, remain left.
Reserve 4Sp closes. A little.

Round 9

Num PIP3 axis 6=shift right, to centre.
Pull back!
LCart PIP5 axis 5=shift left, rotates right.
Reserve Ps in woods tackles the LH in its ZOC while 4Ax and Iberian LH attack the now-isolated LH, and traitor LH shift to cover.
Melee 1: Ps rnd4+2 v LH rnd2+2=6:4, LH recoil.
Melee 2: 4Ax rnd2+3 v LH rnd3+2-1flanked=5:4, LH recoil.

Round 10

Num PIP6 axis 5=shift left, to left. 
Two disengaged LH sweep round to attack and lock the traitor LH, while remaining elements cover.
Melee: LH rnd6+2 v traitor LH rnd4+2-1flanked=8:5. Traitor destroyed, 

game over, Numidians win 4:1.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

[DBA3.0] Solo battle: Later Carthaginians II/32a v Iberians II/39a

Another in the Punic-themed battles with sides I've recently built. This was an intriguing game of shifting flanks. The axis dice really played its part giving changes in tactics I would never try in a normal solo.

This wargame includes some tweaks to the random terrain rules that the previous game suggested.

Brief reminder of solo tweaks

  1. Selection: Each side dices as usual on Aggression to decide aggressor, but also adds a POSTURE based on aggression d6, evens being attacking selection (if options) and odds being defensive selection (if options). I have now decided that Elephants are defensive, since they cost an extra PIP to move.
  2. Deployment: Each side rolls a second d6 and adds it to aggression d6 above. The result decides concentration in the deployment zone: 11-12 is left-weighted, 9-10 is right-weighted, 5-8 is centre-weighted, and 2-4 is reserved.
  3. Terrain is laid out using either a 'defender selects, attacker removes' system or random. The random method is now:
    Divide board into quadrants as normal. Roll three distinct d6, one for x axis, one for y axis, one for terrain type/size. If x=y and value 1-3, feature is a river; or if value 4-6, feature is a road.
    1   Plough if arable, boggy otherwise
    2   Gentle hill, or dune if dry
    3   Woods if arable, broken ground otherwise
    4   Long gentle hill if arable, gully or difficult hill otherwise
    5   Scrub if arable, long difficult hill otherwise
    6   Difficult hill if arable, difficult hill with 2+ edges impassable otherwise
    If plough or waterway, roll again. 5-6=BUA is added.
  4. Axis: Each round, each general rolls an additional d6. This determines where he must focus, though surplus PIPs can still be spent elsewhere.
    1-3   Continue with existing axis
    4-5   Shift left. If already left flank, rotate to right
    6      Shift right. If already right flank, rotate to left.

Choosing up sides

Later Carthaginians II/32a (LCart) fight Iberian II/39a (Iber)
LCart Ag4+rnd2=6; Iber Ag0+rnd5=5. Iber (arable) are defender. LCart posture attack, Iber poster defence.
Deployment: LCart rnd6=8, centre. Iber rnd3=8, centre.

Terrain: I roll plough, scrub, off the board, and a long gentle hill with axis across the x. Its centre line may have an effect.

Base lines: LCart naturally take the plough and hill, to deny them to the defenders!

The sides: 

Iber don't have options. They are:
6x3/4Ax (I have 2x4Ax)

LCart are:
1x4Ax (Ligurian)

Each side has an element in camp. Mainly due to absent-mindedness the LCart lose their Cv, the Iber lose 1x3Ax.




The game

Round 1

Iber PIP6 axis4=shift left.
Iber CvGen shifts himself and the reserve left and spreads his left flank Ps forward.

LCart PIP3 axis3=remain centre
Lights move up. Wb shift left.

Round 2

Iber PIP2 axis2=remain left. Left flank is developed.
LCart PIP3 axis6=shift right. LH are brought right.

Round 3

Iber PIP6 axis6=shift right (to centre). Entire centre advances, CvGen moves back to reserve, Ax shake out, and LH join that shielded flank.
LCart PIP4 axis5=shift left (to centre). Get those Wb out! Ps shake out as well. And with a spare PIP one of the LH pony up forward of the hill.

Round 4

Iber PIP1 axis3=remain centre. Heavies move up flanked by lights, leaving original reserve on left.
LCart PIP4 axis1=remain centre. Wb advance, 4Ax Ligurians shift to make room, Libyan spears roll forward and CvGen is reserved.

Round 5

Iber PIP5 axis3=remain centre. Heavies join battle-line. Reserve 3Ax move to line.
LCart PIP6 axis1=remain centre. LH join the general line of battle with Sp and Wb. Left flank extends and CvGen advances.

Round 6

Iber PIP3 axis6=shift right. LH race right!
LCart PIP1 axis1=remain centre. Battle line rolls forward!

Round 7

Iber PIP4 axis6=shift right (rotate to left). CvGen inserts into line opposite LH; reserve 3Ax hurries back left.
LCart PIP5 axis2=remain centre. Only 2 PIPs are spent leaving LH and CvGen retired. ZOC is applied to most Iberian elements.

Round 8

Iber PIP3 axis1=stay left! CvGen and Ps charge LCart LH, while 3Ax switches with another Ps.
Melee 1: Iber CvGen rnd4+4 v LCart LH rnd3+2=8:5, LH recoil.
Melee 2: Iber Ps rnd2+2 v LCart LH rnd3+(2-1)=4:4, both stay.
LCart PIP1 axis5=shift left. CvGen commits to left.
Melee: LCart LH rnd1+(2-1) v Iber Ps rnd5+2=2:7, LH destroyed!

Round 9

Iber PIP6 axis1=remain left. CvGen and Ps go for remaining LH, no other PIPs used.
Melee: Iber CvGen rnd6+4 v LCart LH rnd5+(2-1)=LH recoil-flanked-destroyed.
LCart PIP5 axis1=remain left. CvGen and supporting Ps charge LH and flank. Heavies slot in to prevent negatives.
Melee: general disappointment for LCarts! 

Round 10

Iber PIP2 axis6=shift right (to centre). CvGen and Ps form column and race right!
LCart PIP6 axis4=shift left (rotates to right). CvGen commits all Sp forward and peels Wb off to cover Iberian CvGen. Pulls battle line out.
Melee: another disappointing set of recoils, even though 4Sp are supporting each other.

Round 11

Iber PIP6 axis4=shift left to centre. CvGen charges Wb and Ps locks in. Heavies ZOC Ligurians and other Wb, Ps and LH on right flank ZOC LCart Ps and CvGen.
Melee: Wb destroyed.
LCart PIP6 axis6=shift right (rotates to left). Everything charges!
Melee 1: LCart CvGen rnd4+4 v Iber LH rnd1+2, LH destroyed.
Melee 2: LCart Ps rnd5+2 v Iber Ps rnd1+(2-1)=Ps destroyed.
All other melees result in recoils.

Round 12

Iber PIP5 axis1=remain centre. CvGen and Ps repeat their charge and lock on the second Wb. Reserve Ps moves to lock on Sp with 3Ax.
Melee: Both Wb and Sp are destroyed.

Final result: Iberians win 5:2