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Sunday, November 27, 2016

4th element 4Sp

Ok, changed my mind, nothing new there! I switched from standing-at-rest hoplites, the mild conversion planned, to a more ambitious one.
The original mini, foreground, shows how converted minis have had a dynamic tweak. Heads turned quarter (just a hot water tweak) and left arm separated from body, notched, and flexed a little again using hot water. The spears are added using hot glue, to top of hand. Clumsy I know. I got most of the shields on with hot glue but one stubbornly resisted so I laboriously pinned and glued that one.

Monday, November 21, 2016

First three hoplite elements on bases

Chugged away on the Italiot Spears  (last post) and by evening I got three elements worth ready for basing. Four minis are re-based from a previous 4Ax element. So that's four of the Campanians done. Next is some light conversion work on Poly Roman minis, removing swords and altering tunics slightly. They will be the 4th hoplite element.

Campanians also need 4x3Ax, of which I have two, with a small question mark over their composition.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Italian work in progress

Before getting into these Italian hoplites-to-be I assembled three spear elements from Carthaginians. In some army matchups they can become Italians - but I didn't put any conversion work in, and they really do look like Carthaginians. I think they just end up giving me the later Carthaginians as a b option, the desperate "defend Africa" option which is not much fun.

These are all from the HaT Italian Allies box. I'll end up with three hoplite spear elements from minis like these, and a fourth hoplite spear element tbd. That will give me the 4x4Sp requirement for II/8b Campanians.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Celtiberian project complete!

Finished basing with grass, dry-brushing: now onto the gloating:

There are some problems with them: the general element isn't particularly distinctive; the caetrati Ps include a couple of sword-waving maniacs and two falcata-armed elements; and of course if you look closely some of those heavies (3Ax) look very Roman! But overall a nice, slightly more colourful Spanish ally to either Rome or Carthage.

So overall, I have a double II39 Iberian force: and an element of 4Ax Lusitanians and another of Balearic slingers.

The II39a Iberians are in foreground and Lusitanians to their flank. II39b Celtiberians are arrayed behind them. I have very few minis left from the two HaT boxes that make up the core, so a very pleasing use of available minis!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekend work - nearing the finish line

Saturday, worked on one LH. Done. Prepped and got the minor conversion done for two stands of Ps. Sunday, painted the Ps but did not get them varnished.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Celtiberian heavies completed

In the usual fashion, everything came together over the weekend, and I based them up over the last couple of evenings.

The four elements here included a tap-back on one element previously completed. I removed two less-dangerous looking minis and added two of the new ones. It's on the right rear of this photo:

The minis for this run are almost entirely an even balance of the Celtiberian pose from Carthaginian Command, and run-of-the-mill Roman auxilia. All these have been equipped with Itaeleri/Revell Gallic shields, and a variety of spears including homemade wire spears. The 'leader' mini also comes from Carthaginian Command, with a standard from one or other of the HaT ancient Spanish or Gauls boxes.

All told, with the previous elements, I end up with 4x3Ax and 2x4Ax, all of which can be used as Wb if need be. They'll give me more options in cases where I want to use both Carthaginians and Spanish, with or without Romans and Gauls.