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Friday, October 29, 2010

Ltr Carthaginians v Hellenistic Greeks

"Bilious" commanded Later Carthaginians v Hellenistic Greeks (Boeotian b) under the command of "Angry" Anderson.

The Cartos fielded a 2xEl 3xWb combo, on a ground dominated by gentle hills offering the best terrain to the HellGreeks. "Angry" position his phalanx somewhat to his right, allowing his fast foot to use the hill on his left and possibly out-flank slower foot. He protected his left with a LH reserve.
"Bilious" positioned with Ellies front and center, well-protected by Sp. His fast foot and LH were also to his left, his Wb to his right.

The early stages of the battle saw Angry pushing his fast foot well forward, only to pull them back onto the heights as he realised that Bilious was also pushing his own left in an attempt to attack the phalanx's flank.

Angry fed his own CvGen in as reserve, supported by LH, achieving an early advantage.

A vicious and decisive battle developed around the HellGreeks' right. The Carto fast foot-LH group were thoroughly outclassed by a Pike-Mounted combination holding the hill.

Realising the momentum was shifting to the mounted threatening his entire left, Bilious pushed his right boldly forward upslope and paid for it, losing double-ranked Wb.

HellGreeks bt Late Carts 4-0.