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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Burgundian? heavy artillery

I've had this Zvezda bombard for a while and could not decide whether it should have 1:72nd crew or 28mm. Finally with quite a number of late medieval components ready to be built I've opted for 1:72.

There are a good  number more crew, but on a 60mm wide base these three work ok.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Minimum II/37 Parthians complete!

Whether I end up adding foot, or not, I've finished the 4x4Kn cataphracts and 8x2LH horse archers required to get Parthians on a table. As opponents of both Early Impie and MidImpie Romans they are a very useful side to have.

HaT and DBA3.0 set me a puzzle

What to do about Parthian foot, if anything? HaT's foot number six, three archers three javelin. The 3.0 options include: 2 Ps (archers), 2 3Ax (mountaineers which could be javelin and handaxe) and those swap with 2 3Bw (city militia)!

The way I see these elements, I can add in one skythian foot archer to make the 4 Ps minis needed, 3 skythian handaxe minis to make the number of Ax minis needed, and rope in Roman Auxiliary eastern archers if I want the 6 Bw minis the city militia would need.