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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Am I kidding myself?

So, more not-assembling my not-Celtiberian BD elements has occurred.

The official DBA3.0 Celtiberian version of Ancient Spanish requires 6x3Bd, or 18 minis. My LateCarts featured a stand of 4Ax Lusitanians that could act as Blades. Then, as featured here, I assembled some conversions, achieving 6 minis. Returning to the Carthaginian Command box I found another 6. Finally, scraping through a Briton Chariot entourage I found 2 more minis that could be converted. And I had one top-half of a warrior that I think I can match with a Spanish slinger bottom.

The next stage of not-assembling will involve thinking about how a Celtiberian Cv element might look.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Celtiberians roughed out

I've got six Celtiberians roughed out now, and I'm pretty happy with the heavier types. They connect a gallo-briton top half to a greaved liby-phoenician bottom half and the joins are pretty good.

Three of the six minis need grey stuff to be worked over the join and kilt, that's the next stage.

I'll probably just want one element of 3Bd out of all this. I don't see myself finding 12 more bottoms and 12 more tops for a hypothetical Celtiberian army option.

I notice the minis are roughly OK for a Ligurian element as well, so that's handy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Numidian CF/Celtiberians

This pic shows the idea I had for finishing the Numidian CF element. I already have an ex-member of HaT Greek Artillery (extreme left) and I thought, maybe a RedBox 1920 Gangster's Moll, with veiled-headwear added and coat suitably lengthened, would be a fair match (lower left).

The other project in hand (centre top) hints at where my next army build effort is going. The two minis (out of focus sorry) are made of top-half puny Britons or Gauls, bottom half Hannibal's Africans. Celtiberians wore Gallic top tunic, but were bare-legged or had Iberian style greaves. These are the least ambitions conversions, and are more or less just cut at belt line, drill for wire peg, then peg-and-superglue.

I'm not planning an army of these hybrids - for one thing I don't have enough discards - but I dearly wanted a couple of Celtiberian elements for my Ancient Spanish/LaterCarts options.

Monday, April 25, 2016

II_40 Numidian

We open the Numidians with two command options, 1x General as Cv with Spanish bodyguard (and looking very Punic) or as LH. As mentioned in the blog the LH general's figure was re-reworked from a Medieval Irish conversion that wasn't needed, hence the cloak, fuller beard etc.

Next up is compulsory 4 x LH and 4 x Ps:
The LH on the left is the element prepared for II/32 Later Carthaginian - you can see the slightly deeper brown used. I decided to leave the shield faces 'raw' as in  dark wash-varnish over the original. It will be easy to paint white if I want to later.

The Ps at left are from HaT's African foot, converted to hold javelins/darts. The Ps on the right are from HaT's Alexander's Lights, with Numidian-style shields added from the Carthaginian Command box.

The mighty Ellie is resplendent (and with a fruity-themed backdrop!) as technically an option, but the main point of why I chose to get this army so I'm never going to field a slinger/bow Ps, the alternate.

I already have the 2x4Ax javelinmen with my Carthaginians. This is the alternate and 'tougher' option. Under two different rulers, Numidian fielded close-formation troops that DBA 3.0 is happy to name Bd. If they enter the Carthaginian ranks, they will be Sp.

And the army assembled:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Numidian LH painted up

Two days of good motivation and as I hoped, the LH are all done! Should get the basic basing finished today, which will mean the whole army is ready for flocking.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A lesson: preserve your wisdom

Putting the Numidian LH together underlines to me the lesson I already took out of my prep. That 'how to' wisdom you built up over years of the hobby: don't let it go.

I had wanted to see how useful it would be to take minis prep much further than usual, before removing them from the sprue. All the mounts were varnished and had wire posts ready, and all the riders blocked out with base paint colours.

But it didn't work.

HaT Numidian riders have a relatively tight, difficult seat on their mounts. And of course by guessing where the wire posts would sit, I made my job all the harder. Much fumbling, scraping and refitting later, I realised I had wasted my time and everything would need to be varnished again, then repainted.

All 11 riders are now mounted. (The LH general is already complete). About half the riders need a wire post, the others more-or-less sit right with the aid of PVA glue alone. All mounts are base-painted. Since I want dun-coloured mounts right across the board, I mix a medium brown sort of colour for base. Applied with a light hand over dark varnish, many of the original lines won't need lining-out again.

I must fetch my Later Carthaginian LH in for comparison before I get to the real paint stage, I want them to be compatible. I also have another element with my Impy Romans which almost certainly needs redoing.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Numidians: blades, command and look! elephant

After many days of procrastinating, where in the weekend I would say 'I can do that weekdays' and each weekday evening I would find it all too inconvenient and put it off to the weekend, I finally got back to my Numidians.

The 'on the go' minis are command, which is a Cv element of Spanish and Cartaginian horse and a LH mini that has a bit of conversion on the general; blades, which are just plain old Carthaginian foot and swappable with my LaterCarts; and the elephant in the room, which is a normal Carthaginian El with a slight tweak on the soldiers up on the castle.

Skin tone varies across the minis, but is relatively dark compared to their Carthaginian neighbours. I've also gone with black for hair, not something I do as a rule.

I had a setback on tunic colour. I really must remember that light grey dries to grey. Most are now highlighted with white.

Shield faces are white, awaiting suitable transfers. The exception is the Spanish horseman, who still has his caetrati-sized shield.

I've got the blades onto bases - part complete - and expect to finish basing this week. Then it will be LH assembly-line time.