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Saturday, January 23, 2016


A fine Saturday but not too hot: I sat in the shade and finished trimming out the remaining 20 Poly Romans. Then I basecoated them.
I feel like I've got a handle on how much paint will do, and what colours, and I bought a couple more shades in mightyape's recent paint sale.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Polybian command elements

It has been a long time between beginning the command minis and finishing the 'regulars' to take their places on the bases beside them. But the temperature dropped below 20 degrees (Celsius!) and suddenly I felt I could sit down and paint. So a day later they're finished.

In order above I have the pair of elements to show how I've split the 'colour party' between them;
then the general's element (distinguished by standard and bare-headed officer) with kneeling triarii;
then the view from the rear to show how the choices I made work in practice.

The 'resting' shields all use the caulking to lock into place. As plastic soldier review notes, the kneeling minis have a strange placement of shield location. As designed, it seems that the kneeling soldier has to carry the full weight of his scutum from some odd lower-strap arrangement. It makes no sense. But the shield doesn't really work the other way. So I angled each back, and used the locator pin and hole that way, with plenty of PVA glue and bedded into the caulk.

The colour party is a lot more carefully painted than the accompanying triarii, but taken all together they look pretty good. Once finished I remembered I was going to use a variety of shades on the tunics, because veterans wouldn't all be uniform, but too late.