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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scythians finished at last

Huzzah! the Scythians are finished! and here are some piccies:

These are the General options: 3Cv and 2LH in front, and 3Kn at rear, for the later Scythian option.

The vast bulk of the army is of course LH. Here are a few of the lads:

Here's a closer look at some of the Orion minis, very attractive though the detail is not as perfect as Zvezda's.

One option includes foot, and they can even field a horde. I bought a pack of Orion Scythian foot, and there were heaps to choose from. I used crescent-shield guys as Ax, Archers as Ps (of course!) and rectangular-shield, no-shield and archers as Hd.

This camp, which I am proud of, is a Scythian ger fashioned out of a sports drink bottle, a skin cream tube, paper, silicon glue and thin strands of masking tape. The removable camp follower is one of two options.

And here is the whole army excluding camp and camp followers