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Friday, December 15, 2017

Italian options - the end?

Here we see the massed morph armies of:
II/8a Bruttian: lacking 2xHd peasants.
II/b Campanian: complete
II/9 Syracusan: lacking a distinct CvGen, 1x3Ax sikels. Must not include a cv option if facing Campanians.
II/13 Samnite: complete. Must have AxGen if facing Campanians.
In a pinch I can import Athenian CvGen for the Syracusans, or even Carthaginian.

Syracusan spears complete

The three elements to left are the final 12 minis. Now for the gloating, and to decide how attached I am to a CvGen.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

All done by Christmas?

I feel as though I'm finally, finally nearing the end of my Italian project. The base-coated lads are the last 12 spearmen for Syracusans.