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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Medieval foot based up

Still only a couple of steps up from the most basic of treatment! I decided to get these finished before my leave ends. Checking over options, I opted to use the 23 foot as follows:

3x3Sp, useful for both Feudal French (b) and Medieval French, as well as being used here and there in other armies; 2x7Hd, though in theory I only need one of those. If I do field something like Feudal French vs Medieval French they will be handy.

Medieval Mooks

With the crossbows and Russian foot more or less ready, my next catch-up was a collection of 23 Strelets Medieval foot. I hope they will fill the Horde ranks of armies such as Medieval French. They are all a bit too well-equipped but needs must.

Once again, going for speed rather than beauty, these are only about two rungs above slop'n'go. I washed a dark 'miracle wash' over them so they will look a lot darker than my Feudal English.

The following are just candid snaps with a flash:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some catch-up work

Spring is in the air, the light is changing, and I'm on leave, so I'm turning my hand to work I got under way a year ago then had to pack away. It's been sitting on shelves in my man-cave. First up is this HaT half-dozen of Roman Auxiliary Cavalry. They make a good option for both my Impy Romans and Mary Romans. These are professional-looking troops with no glitter, just practical uniform helmets, tunics, shields and mail shirts.

I nearly despaired of getting this much fancier group of Vezda Roman Equites. They are beautiful and deserve better than my skill. Finally a few more touches of paint and suddenly they looked finished.
For both sets of cavalry I used the Magic Wash technique to minimise lining-out work. My Marian Roman foot use a black basecoat so they won't look mismatched with those.

The next group are foot, and are seven Strelets crossbowmen (from the box of crossbowmen - a great idea for a troop type that is hard to find in 1:72) and some Medieval Russian foot of various types. The spears will replace the lamest of my existing Medieval Russian spears.
With these I used a technique that relies on the varnish deepening colour applied, so for example light green and blue with even lighter highlights, but with no darker colour wash. The varnish itself provides the illusion of deeper colour folds and also lines out borders between areas. It's cheap and cheerful and not a great strain on my limited fitness.