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Friday, April 29, 2022

III/1c Southern Early Slavs v III/47 Pechenegs

1. The board
This is recycled from my previous solo battle, but the scrub in center of terrain is expanded to cover all of the middle.
The road scrub and cute plough areas are by CigarBox Battles, and are made of fabric.

2. Terrain
Once again plough around the defenders BUA is in place (good going unless a 1 is rolled)

3. The armies
I initially randomly rolled opposing armies but one of them was Pecheneg so I thought hey, there's a full side left in the Steppe Armies box, why not try that?
Technically I would need to borrow one more Ax element for the slavs, but I'm using a Bw element in the BUA and calling it Ax.

The Pechenegs of course field the two WWg I've been wanting to use, while the Sth Slavs field CvGen and Cv.
4. Chance during battle. I'm adapting the previous d12 rules (see LIR v Burgundians).
A d12 is rolled on a bound alongside PIP d6, IF
Fired on first time
In four BW of enemy first time
Attacked and enemy crossed terrain types (excl fortification)
Enemy revealed from hiding.
A specific d12 effect eg pursuit move, recoil, applies first to the element or unit that triggered the roll. A non-specific d12 effect applies to the general, eg lose a PIP.
1-4, no effects.
5-7, remove 1 PIP, but ignore this result on a roll of a 1.
8, one element nearest enemy (including in b2b contact) recoils, or flees if light troops, and if grouped the unit follows suit. Ignore if in BUA.
9-11, one element on the board receives a benny and if grouped the whole unit may choose to use it. Uses include an additional PIP, or second shooting.
12, one element nearest enemy but not in b2b contact makes a pursuit move towards enemy. If warband they receive a free PIP for a charge move.


Slavs roll 1 PIP. Plough is thereby deemed Rough Going! The deployed two groups become 5 columns and a right wing element! 
The Cv deploys to centre, a switch up.

Pechenegs roll 5 PIP. 
I suddenly realize I don't know WWg move. It is a piffling 2BW, so they ought not to be on the wings. Oh well.
The Pecheneg right rolls forward then the LH group surges around Rough scrub and wheels towards the Slav left!

D12 Condition triggered.
Slavs roll 5 PIP and rnd8, the recoil. 
That does not prevent general movement against the threat!
CvGen v rear supp LH: 10:7, LH recoil
Cv v overlapped rear supp LH: 8:3, LH destroyed. 
The Pechenegs roll 6 PIP and no random effects.
The CvGen pulls his support Cv along to the road, then:
- sends the nearest LH around in a two-move wheel 
- sends the remaining left forward at the WWg pace
- takes a road move into contact? Yes, that's legal.
Melee: 5:6, CvGen recoils.

The sudden road move triggered another d12 for the Slavs.
The Slavs roll 6 PIP and no rnd FX. 
Only the farthest right column is outside control, so the whole Slav line flexes menacingly forward!

Pechenegs receive a d12 check from this proximity. 
Pechenegs roll 5 PIP and 11, the benny. The CvGen takes that.
This allows him to double move, after shifting the attack further left but moving his right WWg forward.
Melee 5:3, Ax recoil.


The Slavs roll 6 PIP. 
The battle right hots up.
Ax v flanked LH 4:5, Ax recoil!
Ax at rear: 7:4, LH recoil. Can they? Yes as the rear-contacted LH are pushed forward to contact the recoiled Ax. This does not forbid the pushed LH from overlapping, I believe.
Ax v rear supp LH: 7:8, Ax recoil.
The positions at the end of Slav bound:

The Pechenegs roll 5 PIP. 
A little obsessively the melee on the left continues!
Rear supp LH v Ax: 8:6, Ax recoil. 
LH v overlapped Ax: 7:3, Ax destroyed 
LH v Ax where P CvGen is in contact: 5:8, LH recoils, Ax slide and turn.

Slavs roll 4 PIP. 
One Ps element is brought to provide more potential overlap for the Cv, while back on the right, Ax rush to pick off a support LH
Ax v overlapped LH: 8:3, LH flee to board edge.
Ax v CvGen: 9:10, Ax recoil. 

Pechenegs roll 4 PIP. 
Dicing with death the CvGen pushes forward!

CvGen v Ax: 7:4, Ax recoil.
Rear supp LH v double overlapped Ax: 3:7, LH flee!


Slavs roll 5 PIP 
The grouped line of Ax advances but only one can help against the enemy CvGen. The Ax in scrub also pushes forward but can't contact Cv. 
Meanwhile the Slav left charges the LH group.
CvGen v overlapped LH: 9:7, LH recoil.
Cv v double overlapped LH: 9:5, LH recoil. 
Ax v flanked CvGen: 9:9 no effect.

Pechenegs roll 5 PIP. 
The Cv pull out of the potential rough-ground battle. The left flank LH rejoin.
LH in 3 on one: finally the Ax is destroyed. 
Flanked CvGen v flanked Ax: 4:8, CvGen destroyed! LH recoil.


Slavs roll 3 PIP. 
The exposed Ax on right strikes a LH flank while the CvGen's group advances again.
Isolated Ax v LH: 8:8
CvGen v overlapped LH: 8:3, LH destroyed 
Cv v double overlapped LH: 7:3, LH destroyed.

So with some good melee rolls the Slavs pull off a victory, 4Gen to 2.

An intriguing game with several points where the rules are carefully checked!

Once again that patch of scrub is demonic for the mounted side.

By making the d12 conditional the effects of more random chance were greatly lessened. I think I'm on the right track with them.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

bench update 25 April 2022

Caught up a bit on where I feel I ought to be on the Spanish project, after a couple of days feeling off-color. It was nice to be able to use natural daylight trimming the minis, on this our national holiday. Natural light is far better than any number of artificial lights, for picking out the mold lines. I just have 18 more minis to trim (not counting extras for Normans and Crusaders).

Saturday, April 23, 2022

bench update 23 April 2022

Slowly getting minis prepped. I have enough ready for 2 Kn elements, 1 LH and 1 Sp. I'm making sure to get a decent layer of base varnish (diluted varnish and stain/paint) this time. I wasn't happy with the Anglo-Dane set, too diluted I suspect. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

II/72 Anglo-Danes v III/45 Pre-feudal Scots

1. What is the game?
After last week's entertaining but non-standard game I'm looking for a solo game as close to RAW as solo can be. And, I have a new Anglo-Dane army.  So 3.0 armies, a nice cosy 3'x3' board, terrain random but from the approved terrain, and so on.

2. The board
I want a standard DBA board, of the 15 base width variety. I use a card draw of Arable types on each of the 9 squares, placing the compulsory BUA where seems most appropriate. 
The battlemat is Tundra 1 from FLG. Other than BUA and plough across 2/9 of thee board, the only tricky terrain is scrub, right in the middle. A road offers fast transit across the board. 

3. Armies
Anglo-Danes are really simple. BdGen, 2x4Bd huscarls, 1xPs, 4x7Hd fyrd, and 4x4Sp select fyrd. They automatically take the BUA under normal solo rules. One Hd will guard the burh. 
Scots have a couple of interesting options. A 4WbGen, a 4Wb thegns, 6x3Pk, a Ps and a LH, and 2x3Wb Galwegians. (I seem to have one too many Pk and only one 3Wb of Viking extraction?) I borrow a 3Wb from my Caledones.

4. Deployment 
The Anglo-Danes intend to at least possibly use the roadway. Their main battle is raked so the huscarls can road-move. They have a strong left of select fyrd, but keep that double-ranked. That leaves a good deal of empty real estate left.
The Scots are more interested in exploiting the scrub and using Wb for a quick victory. They throw their lights out right to use that open enemy flank, mark fyrd with doubled Sp, and line the Wb up facing the huscarls and fyrd, and that soft Ps.

5. Terrain reminders
Plough is good going unless the Anglo-Danes roll a 1 on turn 1. Then it is rough going.
Scrub is rough going, not bad going.


Anglo Danes roll 6 PIP. The left wheels, and the centre strongly advance. 
Scots roll 4 PIP. No need to switch up. A general advance at 4Wb pace followed by 2 extra moves by LH/Ps in column.

Anglo Danes roll 4 PIP. 
Moderately happy and in command range the BdGen orders his left select to cut the space down on that flying column, while expanding his fighting line.
Scots roll 4 PIP. One more would have been nice but a steady advance plus zipping the Ps across to ZOC the Sp column.
Anglo Danes roll 1 PIP and the BdGen shifts left to get closer to command range of left column Sp.
Scots roll 1 PIP and take an aggressive wheel at the Anglo Danes right. It fails! 
Melee: the WbGen is recoiled and on a double overlap the 3Wb is destroyed.

Anglo-Danes roll 4 PIP. 
As his left is still a mess, the BdGen uses 2 PIPs having his right fyrd wheel, and his huscarls echelon.
Melee: 10:7, Scots 4Wb recoils.

Scots roll 6 PIP. 
The right lights spring into action, flanking the fyrd column. And the Pk columns right wheel around the scrub, but not at full pace. Meanwhile the remaining 3Wb charges through the scrub to strike the Anglo-Danes Ps.
LH 3:8 on Sp, flee and Ps recoil.
3Wb 9:6 on Ps, which recoils through their general and Wb pursue.

Anglo-Danes roll 1 PIP. 
BdGen slides into melee with 3Wb.
Melee 9:7, Wb recoils.

Scots roll 5 PIP. 
With 3 PIP the assault on huscarls redoubles, and with 2 PIP the Ps zip between spear elements to be behind the lines!

WbGen on huscarl overlap, 11:8, huscarl destroyed. 
3Pk on huscarl double overlap, 8:6, Bd recoils.

Anglo-Danes roll 5 PIP. 
The line reforms, with one Sp element chasing down the enemy Ps.
Melee: Sp 9:3 on Ps, who flee.

Scots roll  1 PIP. 
3Pk form line.

Anglo Danes roll 1 PIP. 
The Sp immediately left of BdGen advances a base depth.

Scots roll 3 PIP. 
The nearest 3Pk column charges through the rough scrub at that cheeky Sp and their 3Wb allies overlap.
Melee: lacking rear support it's a 5:8, recoil.

Anglo-Danes roll 4 PIP. 
The fractured left is pulled back in.

Scots roll 3 PIP. 
Another aggressive move, only melee with the enemy general is refused.
WbGen v Hd: 8:9! Hd pursues.
3Pk v Bd, each overlapped: 3:10, Pk destroyed.
4Wb double overlapped v Ps: 7:3, Ps flee.

Anglo Danes roll 2 PIP. 
The right huscarl charges at the remaining 3Pk on that flank. The Ps are rallied but merely ZOC the 4Wb.
huscarl v Pk 11:6. 
Sp on Pk both overlapped 8:5
Hd overlapped on WbGen 6:5, pursue.
Scots roll 5 PIP. 
The WbGen calls his thegns back in support, and aggressively attacks the Sp column.
Melee: WbGen on Hd overlapped, 10:8, Hd destroyed.
6Pk on Sp: 9:5, Sp forced back into the opposite-facing Sp, destroyed. 
LH on Sp: 4:5, recoil.

Anglo-Danes roll 6 PIP. 
Using 3 to get his right fyrd into line, 2 to push his left fyrd out, and the final one to send select fyrd to contact the Pk flank edge.
This latter requires some rule-checking. The contact is not legal owing to insufficient move allowance, and all the Sp can do is ZOC. So, no melee.

Scots roll 1 PIP. 
The rear Pk in rough scrub expand right.
Anglo-Danes roll 5 PIP. 
Everything that is in command range and can attack does so. The left Sp, which is poised behind the Scots, charges the rear of the 3Pk in scrub!
4Bd v 3Pk overlapped: 9:5, Pk recoils.
4BdGen v 3Wb overlapped: 9:3, Wb destroyed.
Ps v 4Wb overlapped: 4:8, Ps flee, Wb pursues and crosses the BdGen's rear line.
After rereading overlap rules, both melees in scrub overlap despite fighting in opposite directions. So both are 3:2 before rolls.
Select fyrd nearest general: 5:4, Pk recoil. 
Select fyrd remaining is now 4:2 and result is 9:3, Pk destroyed.

So by a narrow margin Anglo-Danes win 4:3!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

bench update 20 April 2022

I decided since this process is so slow that I'd get what I've done on a painting stick.
Interesting contrast - the wee light horse is a scaled-down exact match to his neighbor, a fine big steed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

bench update 19 April 2022

Only managed 4 minis trimmed. Those soft, rubbery HaT Spanish are going to be a struggle. 

Meanwhile as I still have the solo wargame bug I have set up a board for my new Anglo-Dane army. But I'm not sure which army to use against it. An old one to inspire me to upgrade it? Or a new one for the anesthetic appeal?

Sunday, April 17, 2022

bench update 18 April 2022

Feudal Spanish III/35b 
I'm focusing my effort on this side but I'm gonna try to sneak early crusaders and normans in alongside. 

Normans/West Franks need a ton of mounted knights so that's something I'll need to review after seeing what I can retrieve out of my Carolingians. They look over-varnished and ugly.

Early Crusaders should be fine as a morph army. I just need to choose basing with care.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

II/70a Burgundians v II/78a Western Roman Army

1. The scenario 
I'm using One Hour Wargames, scenario #10, late arrivals, on a larger board and with 12 elements per side, not 6. The Romans take the defence. 
2. The board
The high ground right (dark olive cloth) is impassable and the green section bottom left is all woods. The brown cropped area around the BUA has no effect.
The Roman baseline is the opposite (top) and the invaders do not have a camp, but enter on road, bottom.
3. Scenario details
The Romans are permitted up to 1/3 their force in concealment in yonder woods, and/or deployed foreard right up to a line level with where the woods end. Their remaining 2/3 force are yet to arrive. The ETA is turns 5 and 10.
The Burgundians enter by road and their bound is first.
Victory is secured by occupying the BUA at end of turn 15.
4. Army composition
Neil Thomas, the author, has a randomizer for force balance. I'll employ this alongside compulsory elements.
Roman: 5 on d6. 2/3 Bd and Cataphractoi/Clibanarii. No cavalry but CvGen is compulsory, and saves me using German Buccelarii. The remainder evenly split between Ax, Arty, LH, and Ps, with an option to swap LH and Bw if available. 
Burgundian: 6 on d6. 2/3 heavy which is warband unfortunately, rather than Kn or Bd.  2 Cv elements which will include the CvGen. The remainder Ps.
5. Chance deployment
I'm going to use Neil's advice on this. Roman reinforcements d6 from turn 4, only appearing on a 5 or 6, the second tranche roll beginning turn 9. Initial disposition is determined by another randomizer inspired by The Solo Wargaming Guide by William Sylvester, summarized as 
1, base heavy. BUA occupied, remaining 3 elements deployed within normal DBA3.0 lines to support the defence.
2, sneaky left. BUA occupied, a mobile force of 3 elements is hidden behind the high ground.
3, base light. Behind high ground, behind forest, in forest, BUA occupied.
4. forward load. In and behind forest.
I will roll the d4 when the first road move occurs. Once I know the deployment stance I'll make final adjustments to composition such as Ax vs LH.
Burgundian order of march will be determined by a d12. Otherwise they are committed to powering down the road.
D12 from top left, CvGen, to bottom right, javelin armed Ps.

6. Chance during battle. Neil uses hit points to represent how shaken an element is, so I will adapt those as well as removing the "enemy" result in his 15 card draw. Instead a d12 is rolled each turn alongside PIP d6.
1-4, no effects.
5-7, remove 1 PIP, but ignore this result on a roll of a 1.
8, one element nearest enemy (including in b2b contact) recoils, or flees if light troops, and if grouped the unit follows suit. Ignore if Roman in BUA.
9-11, one element on the board receives a benny and if grouped the whole unit may choose to use it. Uses include an additional PIP, or second shooting.
12, one element nearest enemy but not in b2b contact makes a pursuit move towards enemy. If warband they receive a free PIP for a charge move.


7. Roll that d12! 
The burgundians roll a 4 (warband enters first) and PIP is 6, reduced by 1 as the d12 random chance comes up a 7.
Road move! 
Yeeeaaahhhhhh! Get some get some! And in a culturally appropriate fashion the burgundian 2-i-c boosts up his amps and Ride of the Valkyries blasts out.

8. Roll that d4!
The Roman random deployment is a 3, one element deployed in each of BUA, forest, behind forest, and behind the high ground.
The obvious element for the BUA is a Bd. An Ax in the forest, the CvGen behind it, and behind the high ground it has to be LH given the distance. 
What could possibly go wrong?
The Roman roll is a 6 PIP and 9 rnd, a benny. Could not be a better start! the Ax are in command range and use the benny in a double move, keeping a heel in the woods but aligning back on their general. The LH need to be 48cm away to be in command, so the CvGen advances to their Ax, and 2 PIP are spent to pull the LH out of hiding. 2 PIPs are left, so the LH zip round the burgundian right to menace their rear!


Burgundians roll 5 PIP and an 8, the dread recoil. And yes, they are all grouped, and the element nearest enemy is the front element.  The entire road group recoils, except the Ps flee. The mounted recoil through the rearguard.
Roman 2 PIP and a 4, no other FX. The CvGen elects to stay put, sending his LH out of command in an attack on the fleeing Ps.
Melee: a 6:4, Ps recoil.

Burgundian 6 PIP but another 8. The good news is that they lose one Ps fled off board. The CvGen sends his lead warbands wheeling off left, out of command, then pounces on the LH, intending to tidy the advance up later.
Melee: there's a 4:5 as the burgundian CV rolls a 1. Embarrassing!
Roman 3 PIP and 1, no FX.
Spending 2 PIP brings the LH back to command range and the 3rd sees it zipping to ZOC range of the mass of Wb.
Burgundian 1 PIP and another 8! That's 3 8s in 4 turns!
The Wbs grouped elements facing the Roman CavGen recoil. Their own General tears after the enemy LH, grouping with the isolated Wb and getting into command range of everyone.

Roman 6 PIP and a rash 12. 
Reinforcement check: success.
Selection using d6 for 4 elements, I roll a 6, a good option that allows all 3 heavies and a Bd to enter.
The reckless: Here we rule that CavGen is the only element this applies to and that the pursuit move is a base width. This brings him into melee. With 6 PIPs for other moves, the LH are double-moved away, and the reinforcements can all move forward.
Melee: 9:7, recoiling the Wb.

Burgundian 4 PIP and 3, no FX. 
A choice of small shuffles or bold actions. The CavGen wheels up towards the enemy baseline bringing his Wb with him. This brings him into command range (just) of the recoiled Wb. With the 3 PIPs remaining the Wb do a shuffle in and flank the Roman CavGen.
Melee: 7:3, general destroyed.

Roman 6 pip and 11, the benny. The benny is used to pull the Ax back out of ZOC then make a sacrifice play menacing the Wb again!

Burgundian 4 PIP and 6, reducing the PIPs to 3.
Time to take a breath and work out a solution to a wall of clankers! 
Melee: 9:6, a predictable recoil on the Roman Ax. But the result means that the Ax is right back in the woods, unable to ZOC anything.

Roman 6 PIP and 9, yet another benny. The mounted canter forward to ZOC the one Wb able to face last bound, and the Bd element gains the road with the benny and uses the final 2 PIPs on a road move.
Melee in the woods: 7:8, recoil and pursuit.


Burgundian 2 PIP and 7, reducing the PIPs to 1. The facing Wb is left to die gloriously and the other forward Wb is pulled back.
Melee in the woods: 4:7, the Wb recoil.

Roman 3 PIP and 9, yet another benny. The grouped mounted smack into the sacrifice Wb, the Bd align.
Melee: 4:6, the Kn recoil.


Burgundian 3 PIP and 1, no FX. 
Close down that Ax, and get one Wb off the road.
Melee in the woods: 7:8, both Wb recoil.

Roman 4 PIP and 3 no FX. 
Double flanking the sacrifice Wb the Kn try again.
Nope, melee is 5:6. 


Burgundian 6 PIP and 11, Roman check for 2nd tranche is successful. Composition is automatically everything remaining, ie Ax and Ps.
The general pulls back to get command of his CV, and the Wb at last form battle.

Roman 1 PIP and 7, leaving the 1 useless PIP, no move.


Burgundian 4 PIP and 7 leaving 3 PIPs. 
Two PIPs are spent on getting CV out on the right and rolling the line towards, and in a rash move the odd PIP is used to send one Wb against the Ax.
Melee: 9:9

Roman 4 PIP and 8. The Ax make a feigned Retreat. The mounted line swing to face the enemy, and the Bd attack the Wb.
Melee in the woods: 7:7
Melee on road: 7:5, Wb recoils.


Burgundian 3 PIP and 3 no FX 
With time running out, a general charge is needed. Extra PIPs are spent lapping the Cv round on the enemy LH and once again trying for that Ax.
Melee in the woods, 8:3, finally! Ax destroyed.
Melee on the LH, 5:5. Under 3.0 rules a recoil, therefore destroyed.
Melee on clibanarii, 7:4, recoil
Melee on Cataphract, now double flanked, 3:6, Wb destroyed. 

Under normal rules the Romans have now lost as their losses are 3Gen to 2, but this game continues. 

Roman 1 PIP and no FX 
Nothing is b2b so no melee.


Burgundian 2 PIP and 6, reducing PIPs to 1
The general engages Kn in a straight match. 7:9, CvGen recoils.

Roman 6 PIP and 9, a benny.
With this, the reinforcements advance, the Bd and Kn team up on the Wb, and the clibanarii retreat then shift left to ZOC the Cv. 
Melee Bd on Wb flanked: 10:5 Wb destroyed.
Kn on CvGen: 6:5, CvGen recoils.


Burgundian 6 PIP and 7, reducing PIPs to 5 
The CvGen pulls just one Wb back to help, sending other Wb forward.
Melee CvGen on Kn flanked: 7:8, recoiled.
Wb on Kn flanked: 3:7, Wb destroyed Cv recoil.

Roman 2 PIP no FX 
Kn shift away from their Bd to charge the isolated Wb.
Melee: 8:6, Wb destroyed.

With 4 elements lost and no chance of reaching the now well-defended BUA, the Burgundians concede defeat.

This made for a highly entertaining solo game. I don't regret rolling the randomizer d12 each bound, though I think a "reaction" type roll on first sight, first shoot and first melee would fit better with the high-swing nature of DBA PIP rolls.
I'm very happy that the Romans won on their first outing, I do look forward to a book list game though.

Forward projects
Another element of clibanarii and reworking an old Bd element from the sub-Roman Brits will pretty much give me the Eastern vs Western empire matchup.

Source references