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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Make with the Mitanni

Another Chariot army beckons as I make a start one four more Mitanni chariots by Caesar Miniatures. These are the elite of the Mesopotamian power, known as Mariyannu, or Mariyanni. (Presumably the Egyptians knew them as Mrt, and the nation as Mrtt - I see references to Martu = Amorite.)

The next question is, what do I use for foot? The Mariyanni elite lorded it over a mixed Mesopotamian/Anatolian bunch. I think I can probably morph over my Syrian Ax and Mesopotamian Hd, and maybe add a few elements from the HaT Assyrian Allied Infantry I have yet to do anything with - I bought those to be the core foot for an Urartu army.

Taking a step back briefly, I have to admit that this is yet another of the slightly bogus, nearly imaginary armies the DBA lists are so full of. I'm not saying it's dead wrong mind you, only that the sources have probably not grasped its place in history (or geography to some extent).