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Sunday, May 1, 2022

bench update 1 May 2022

Finally got those last minis trimmed out, pinned for riding mounts, washed, and on their paint strips. 

I say "last" but by that I only mean last before the necessary expansion elements!
Those grey steeds are Strelets Turcopoles. I bought an entire box of them, and am unlikely to use even half! So I thought those horse sizes are somewhere between the little LH size and the 18-hand Kn mounts and would be great as Cv.

All the other minis (behind the front two stands) are already varnished with the dark tinted wash I'm using at present. I would probably have begun painting by now but I'm scared of fumbling the base coat. I'm thinking of either no base at all, which worked pretty well for the Anglo-Danes, or deep grey, so as to make armor a bit easier. But I'm also inclined to using burnt Siena. That tends to make skin and horse colors easier. Unless I want three Greys for a KnGen?

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