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Thursday, February 25, 2016

It might be Numidians

Having assembled a minima of Italian Allies I have the pleasant task of deciding exactly which project to turn to. So many on offer. I may take a photo of the boxes-of-minis box in my basement... let's just say it is on overflow. And that does not count the box of leftovers-but-can-use, or the box of army-assembled-plenty-to-spare. Or the 28mm projects.

OK I'm just depressing myself...

Somewhat to my surprise I find myself going back to the Numidians. The 3.0 list is harsher than the 2.2 list in the sense that what used to be Auxilia are now mostly Psiloi. Or to put it another way, are now more of a Wheelbarrow army. But you get up to 6 LH if you really want, and still has an Elephant option. And it's the latter that probably sells them to me. I only have one army with elephants, after all.

So I work patiently on trimming out.
HaT Elephant: not much to say here. This is the same pack I bought many years ago for Carthaginians and there are still four untouched models plus attendants. Hardish pastic, not a fantastic mould but gets the job done. I'm pretty sure I will keep the war-turret, and will probably use a mini out of Carth. Command box to make the crew appear different.

HaT Hannibal's Africans: for the skirmishers, possibly also the 'Roman trained' blades. Pretty good models in medium plastic, though the shields held side-on are an issue. I can already see myself bringing in a few other skirmish type minis from elsewhere. R Sabel head-swapped to get Roman trained blades and I have a number of old Atlantic Romans left that might be suitable if I want to go down that route.

HaT Numidian Cavalry: I am unlucky with this recent buy. The mould must be the same age as the original pack I bought and is poorly set, meaning a mismatch in halves among some minis. But it provides 12 horse, 12 riders, all looking right for the part.

Carthaginian Command: just a couple of minis as general and Elephant warrior

Spanish Cavalry: two riders, two mounts for the general's guards. I did think about using Italiot horse but I doubt the look.

Possible other sources: I have a couple of Atlantic Egyptian skirmishers left that I can add javelins to, and Alexander's Lights that could be suitable.

At this stage (subject to change) I'm looking at using the 'Africans' in my Later Carthaginians as a morph with this army. There are certainly plenty of minis if I want to double up.

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