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Saturday, February 6, 2016

II/33 Polybian Romans, awaiting Allies

So with the choice made, I place Gamer's Grass of 'strong green' shade. Polybian Romans II/33 on the 3.0 edition have:
1 x General (Cv)
1 x equite (Cv)
4 x hastati/principes (Bd)
2 x triarii (Sp)
2 x velites (Ps), and
a choice of  2 x either hastati/principes (Bd) or allies (3/4Ax)

By adding the command/colour party minis I've ended up with a full-roman option. I will still be creating some allies for them!

 In this option one command/colour party element stands at rear with triarii, the other stands with the principes in the second line.


  1. Great stuff. Well done. Those Zvezda cav look really animated!

    1. Yes, they are beautiful! I almost wish I need more than six!