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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Final line-up for Italian Allies

This is how the Italian Allies ended up: no swap-ins at all. My decision was mostly based on the originals being ready to base and the swap-ins from Alexander's Light Infantry not. The other part of the reason is that the latter really need belts to look like Italiots, and I didn't make any. Also, the shield straps look really ugly, I did a poor job there.

So, the 'spear at rest' figure stands with the more active poses, can't be helped. The picture below shows all five elements, ready for flocking to begin.

The final product is:
2x4Ax, looking pretty solid. One element has the oval scuta, the other has the hoplon. Heavily armoured.
2x3Ax, looking as though they all come from one nation. Lightly armoured, armed with spear and javelin.
1x3Cv, all obviously wealthy.

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