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Saturday, March 11, 2023

bench update 11 March 2023

For the Norman project, I turned to OneNote again. Three pages: required, have, needed. This is a morph army, using extensive amounts of Spanish and Crusader elements. After working through the army list, and those three pages, I calculate that I actually did not need to buy those Strelets Norman foot! All this project needs is the dozen Norman knights minis, and five crossbowmen. 

Those crossbow minis come from another Strelets set, medieval crossbowmen, M025. The strength of this set is that the minis are from right along the timeline, and there's no trouble finding five vaguely 11th-century looking fellows. They are sculpted with very stubby bows, allowing the crossbows to be posed realistically.

The Norman knights, 085, have quite a lot of mould lines and minor flash to trim, so that's what I've done, to this point. The saddles make an extremely tight fit, so some extra trimming and boiling water are needed. I plan to squeeze some superglue into the crevices and skip pinning them. The look is tidy and handsome, for Strelets, but some lances are just awful. The mounts are much better sculpted than their riders, frankly, and are possibly the first I've seen to be sculpted as geldings.

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