Friday, March 12, 2021

The strange pull of Book III's steppe armies

 I have finally completed what threatens to be an ever-growing morph.

The aggregated force:

This aggregate army gives me either:

III/1 Slav: Definitely III1c Southern Slav, and options to combine Vikings or Carolingian period German Knights to cover III/1a. The 1b army Western Slavs are spear-heavy, so probably not those.

III/16 Khazar: Pending the completion of a bolt-thrower and a wagon, only the more mobile options.

I have put together two war-wagons, but I'm not quite happy with them yet. Once I am, the army will also suit III/47 Pecheneg very well.

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  1. Rare and interesting subject. I guess you used Orion figures, including scythe foot soldiers I believe, which is a good idea, and maybe some other references? Some close-ups would be warmly welcome :)