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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Later Amorites complete

So with the grouting given an overnight dry, it's time to cover the bases with the usual "desert arable" finish, which is ochre, plus a touch of green to take the burnt look off it, plus PVA (white glue) to ensure anything sprinkled onto it stays there. Again I use the chisel-tip brush to get the paint right around each figure's feet. A quick sprinkle of grit and medium green flock completes each. Barring the summer grass effect. Woodland Scenics' grass is something I'm still feeling my way into. I have yet to find an ideal method of applying it. This time, I blob a glob of PVA onto a mix tray then dump a clump of grass on. Slopping the resulting dripping mass onto a base I use a craft knife (a SHARP craft knife!) to slice into the middle of each clump. As the knife slices the grass apart it drives the clump into the grouting, pushing the ends up and leaving a reasonably convincing grassy growth. This will only work with this particular grouting, which stays workable for much more than a day. After the glue has dried, I use tweezers and sharp knife to separate the strands of grass more. I should try this next time while the glue is still wet. But the advantage of waiting until dry is that the grass can be easily trimmed down to appropriate heights. I do this with small sharp scissors - sewing scissors would be about right. So here's a summary of what I've achieved: Added blades:
Added auxilia as 4Ax:
A couple of spare leader types. I think the one on the right will end up in camp and the other may command a chariot:
Here's the army assembled. Psiloi, Hd, and up to 2x3Ax are in common with the Mitanni.
I've now got quite a good cluster of chariot-age rivals. I/15 Later Amorites: their regular enemies include Hittite OMK, Hyksos, and Mitanni; I/16 Hittite OMK: their regular enemies include Later Amorite and Mitanni; I/17 Hyksos: their regular enemies include Later Amorite; I/19 Mitanni: their regular enemies include Later Amorite and Hittite OMK. Moreover, the Early Bedouin, in one form or another, also feature in the enemy lists of Later Amorite, Hyksos, and Mitanni.

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