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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feudal English IV/23 are done at last

Continued fine weather saw me finish the (re)basing in short order. I've selected a beige ground base on card stock, covered with scattered stones, then fairly thick green cover and fine flock over that. I'm hoping the overall look mixes pretty well with the other North-Western Europe armies. Bases should suggest reasonably good going, suitable for the Arable nature of they and most of their opponents.

Here's the army on my Picasaweb album

And speaking of opponents what good potential I have for building a few more! Edward, one of the most aggressively evil English rulers, fought or sent his captains to fight in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, several French regions and Navarre, and of course England. So far all I can cover of those is Scotland, though some of my Crusaders will morph with French.

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