Monday, November 2, 2015

Slow going...

The Carthaginian command element proceeds slowly. I was hoping to finish the entire element or at least all the painting, but by end of Monday 1 Nov only the riders are done. After accidentally smashing the shield off one I have added a LBM decal to that, and it's ready to stick back on. I may end up breaking the other shield off, since the decals are much easier to apply to shields that aren't already in place. Live and learn.

With the riders, I'm leaving 'final' highlights until everything is finished, because the durable stain I use as varnish brings everything down. Things like white tunics and purple cloaks can be given an extra spot or two of the un-mixed colour before the final matt varnish goes on.

I'm on the last dregs of 'scorched brown' a Citadel colour I find great for darker horses. I want two of the stand to be darker, one a grey. So I'm mixing Vallejo black into Vallejo 'Beasty brown' to get a very deep brown as base colour. For the grey, I mix a light grey as base. It's a colour I should probably have around but there are so many different shades of grey...

As I work the colour around the heads I observe again that these horses have mighty small heads. I'll have to re-line the harness with black, the base colour is all over it.

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