Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Numidian LH element refurbished

With the Spanish Cv element done the end is in sight!*

There are a couple of compulsory and optional elements left that I intend to have in my starting Later Carthaginian lineup, and they are two El element and one Numidian LH. My intention with these is to refurbish the existing elements, not start from minis on sprue.

The LH element is the sole survivor of my previous pack of HaT Numidian cavalry. I liked the effect of dark varnish over the medium cream plastic so much, I did very little else to them. They are based on card bases, with a mid green flock that suits their usual opponents.

But now I move them to a Litko wooden base, fully repaint the horses, and thoroughly touch up the men. I really like how the horses came out, though not so much the riders. The only things I leave untouched are the silver spear tips and the plain-varnished shields. I judge it's not worth the mistakes that could happen if I try to change those.

I get the base pretty much completed the same night, though I rush adding dry grass effect to the rocky mounds.

*A separate post will discuss the pros and cons of adding Italian Allies!

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