Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hot glue to fix spears in place

I'm back after a long-planned holiday. After nearly 2 weeks of catching up with anime and other vital things I picked up my Celtiberians project.

This next batch are mostly either from Carthaginian Command or Roman Auxiliary,  both by HaT. Both use the 'open hand' sculpt HaT often uses, and the 'fist with pin' for attaching shields.

I am using Italeri Gaul shields for this batch. They feature raised ornamentation. I use thick dark varnish (which doubles as base coat) to glue the shields onto the pins temporarily, then building-grade pva glue applied with a cocktail stick to lock them on once the base varnish is dry.

The spears are attached using hot glue. Not strictly hot glue, it's 'cool' hot glue designed for delicate craft. My glue gun is a pretty pink: I think the target market might be tweenie girls :)

These 1:72 spears are much more delicate than what the gun is usually used for and the point of the gun burns through a couple. It's still plenty hot! The main risk is that a blob of glue is left and difficult to clean up.

Here's one example:

It's a bit difficult to see but this chap has an extra vambrace of glue just below his hand grip.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Celtiberians - heavies half done

I had planned to plug on with the Italians but little by little, I had added paint to half the Celtiberians I need for that variant of Ancient Spanish. So I pushed on and finished them up.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Army choice - where to go with Italian Allies

Time for some maths!

I have a box of HaT's Italian Allies foot and another of horse.

I have a few elements already with my Later Carts.

Then, I have these:

What I can do with them is, II/8 Apulian/Campanian/Lucanian/Bruttian, or II/13 Samnite.

The Samnites are the most attractive (psychologically) but I would need:
1x3Cv, at least 10x4Ax, 1x2Ps (javelins) - and optionally 2 more 4Ax! Now if I reworked those 2x3Ax with my Later Carts, I could do that.

Apulians are next most attractive because they get 3 cavalry elements. The foot were (according to Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars) lightly armored. Some of the foot are like that, but the requirements are:
Apulian: 1xCvGen, 2x3Cv, 7x3Ax, 2x2Ps (javelin). Would I get 21 lightly armored rankers? No.

Campanians are next, with two cavalry. They were more of a Hellenistic style army, and require:
Campanian: 1xCvGen, 1x3Cv, 4x4Sp, 4x3Ax, 2x2Ps (javelin). This is quite viable, especially since I can use the round-shield foot as Hoplites and the Rhomboid and Scutum style shields as Warriors.

Finally Bruttian and Lucanian are interchangeable in fit-out. The challenge with these guys is the should have 2 Horde elements of peasants! Other than those the requirements are:
Bruttian/Lucanian: 1xCvGen, 9x3Ax or 4Ax, 2x2Ps (javelin). As I say the challenge would be the Hd. If I still had a full box of Airfix Robin Hood it would be easy - the quarterstaff-wielding mob would be a good fit.

These Italiots are the last army I know I can build out of what I have, for my 'Struggle for Italy' theme. I would like to have Syracusans but I probably don't have the material for that, aside from a bolt-thrower and some spare Greeks.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

II/39 Ancient Spanish - Iberians

This weekend featured a 24-hour flu... and I revived today and polished off the Iberians!

A number of these were already built for my Later Carts, but here they all are:

Cavalry (long-shield) general, and round-shield light horse:

The standard born by the standard-bearer is a HaT standard. Though you can't see it from the front, the rider on the left has a minor conversion - he is a round-shield in the box so that gets chopped away and a long shield tacked over it.

Heavy foot (4Ax):

One element of these bad boys was already in my LtrCarts so to match it I had to find another four. Some of the HaT foot are very poorly moulded and once you carve away the mismatched sides, some stick-like legs result. I decided to leave a couple of faces mismatched, or there would be no face left!

Regular foot (3Ax):

Now in DBA there is no reason for Iberian to have 3Ax over 4Ax - but in terms of numbers of long-shield foot, I could only come up with this combination.

One interesting feature of the finish on the minis is that I have used a sharpie permanent marker to scrawl the shield motifs. The main advantage over painting is speed.

Caetrati skirmishers (2Ps):
Again, one element is part of the LtrCarts. I have a couple more, waving swords, but they are in reserve in case the Celtiberians need them. (If they ever get finished!)

The full army:

Monday, July 4, 2016

Getting my life back

Over the past 6 weeks I did this:*

But now with secondment over and hours of work not stretching over weekends, it's time to get my life (and painting minis) back on track.

I can hardly remember what my Iberians are up to, they are on all stages from nearly finished to base coated. And I have that side-track, Celtiberians, cluttering my table as well.

This evening I put flesh base (very dark indeed, flesh and sienna) on most of the foot.

*not single-handed, but yeah, mostly

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ancient Spanish not getting any younger

After much delay and occasional dabbing of paint, I finally got the Spanish horse to where I could varnish them. Then I chose the best pair (I did three) and have them fixed to a base. I'll add a few high-highlights then matt varnish.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Numidian camp followers at last

It took quite a long time! But I finally got something out of the ordinary for me, an actual stand of CF. That makes about two across all my armies.

The male CF is from HaT's Greek catapults, and the female is from RedBox's gangsters, with added greystuff headwear and lengthened coat..

Since neither look particularly Numidian I think I can use them as generic CF for all sorts of armies.