Saturday, November 21, 2015

Later Carthaginian II/32a

Finally assembled, this army has as its focus the Hannibal period, especially the Italian campaign.

1xGeneral (Cv) from HaT Carthaginian command;
1xcavalry (Cv) from HaT Spanish cavarly or elephant (El) from HaT war elephants;
1xelephant (El) ditto or light horse (LH) from HaT Numidian cavalry;
3xLibyan or Poeni spearmen (Sp) from HaT Carthaginian veterans;
[Alternative: 3xPoeni or Numidian levies (4Ax) from HaT Carthaginian command;]
1xSpanish scutati or Ligurians (4Ax);
2xSpanish scutati (4Ax); [Alternative: Gauls 4Wb are in my Gallo-British hordes]
1xSpanish caetrati javelinmen (Ps);
1xslingers (Ps).