Monday, November 30, 2015

Roman skirmishers make the first foray

I'm building my Polybian Roman army using HaT foot and Zvezda horse. HaT market two companion boxes, one for Hastati and Velites, the other for Principes and Triarii. If you've played Total War: Rome you will know the qualities of these types. If not: Triarii are spear-armed veterans and fight as 4Sp in DBA; Principes and Hastati for this period are interchangeable and fight as 4Bd; and Velites are 2Ps skirmishers armed with javelins.

I built the horse quite some time ago... Zvezda produce their usual high-quality, high-detail stuff which gives me the CvGen and Cv.

I decide to begin the foot with the Velites, since that's only four minis and will give me a feel for the set. The plastic is hardish and not well moulded (i.e. the two halves not married well) so there's a good deal of trimming required. Unfortunately though very little flash exists, it's often right down the middle of a face. Because shields are sculpted into the figure there are also some 'off' poses such as carrying a shield facing inwards. But the effect once painted is not too bad.

Velites based and first pass of flock

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