Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is this a stretch goal? Italian allies for Punic armies

I have a vague idea that including an 'Italian Allies' cavalry element into the Later Carthaginian lineup would be a good thing. My reasoning is that I plan an Italian-themed army, so, while I do have Gallic options, Italians as an optional Cv make good sense.

The trouble is that it begs for at least one entire Southern Italian army to be built. Why not have Oscan foot as well? And if those are built, why not skirmishers? And so on.

It feels like one of those annoying stretch goals that Kickstarter efforts come up with - the unplanned, we-just-got-lots-of-money-lets-spend-it type of goal.

So for now I think I'll pack my Italian Allies, foot and mounted, away and wait until I have a Polybian Roman army built.

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