Friday, November 6, 2015

Carthaginian command paint job complete

Finally done! The Grey was an interesting exercise in paint mixing. I'd have a really white-looking grey mix, but when dry it looked distinctly grey. Once varnished I re-highlight in pure white. The same goes for the socks on the Bays.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Bays' 'red' tints come right through the varnish so no need to add further highlights.

Some detailing is done after varnish on both horses and men. On these minis I used a 'non-metallic' metal for most of the bronze and steel areas so a few extra metallic touches bring these up. I also dry-brush the helmet brushes and the Grey's tail and mane. 

I ended up using Duct Tape straps for the trumpeter's shield. Without that it would just keep falling off. You can see the result on the right-hand mini below:

I hope to get these on a base tomorrow. 


  1. Great stuff! That shield motif looks fantastic!

  2. Great paint job. The shield designs look fantastic.