Saturday, October 24, 2015

Carthaginian command!

With the Lusitanians under control it is time to trim out the horse and riders from the same Carth. command set. The Cv Gen is minimum requirement for any Later Carthaginian, no matter which field of operation is imagined.

Again, the poor mould fit is an issue. There are some very uneven surfaces to deal with. The horses are relatively chunky - possibly due to mould fit - and the plastic is relatively hard. What started as a sharp general purpose scalpel is a rather dull roughing-out blade by the time I'm finished!

Assembly required!!!!

Although the standard-bearer is all one piece, the other two minis I will need require a shield and an implement to be added. I don't know what other modellers use but these days, on 'normal' HaT plastic, I use contact glue (superglue) reinforced by PVA and when that is dry, ensure the join gets plenty of base varnish. I use good sturdily-sprung clothes pegs to enforce the shield join, they really did not want to stay on.

The seat of each rider is loose, so I've drilled out horse and rider and use wire as a peg fit, then glue. Since I plan to use the same 'black base' approach (as I did for the previous element) I will be painting rider and horse already assembled.

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