Saturday, October 17, 2015


Wow, after thinking I had this Later Carthaginian side all planned out, I've ended up with so many Numidians I have been forced to order a box of Numidian cavalry so that I can add a II/40 Numidian army as a spin-off. Talk about mission creep!

So yeah, what I had been thinking was, I need a stand or two of African foot that does not look like veterans with looted Roman gear. For battles where perhaps the Carthaginians are campaigning in Spain. But I don't want heavy African foot, I want Numidians.

I ended up with three stands, enough to completely replace my African veterans. (OK they are interchangeable with Carthaginian militia, not veterans...)

In terms of palette, they remain predominantly white. I went for a dirty/homespun look on several, but am not too happy with it. I switched techniques for their eyes, so they don't look like generic European troops.

I've also switched techniques just a little with the basing, adopting more of a 'paint it on' application of the filler I use.

This shot shows basing before any dry-brush and static grass work.

As with my Veteran Africans, I'm too chicken to try a shield design. I do now have LBM transfers, but the Carthaginian version is designed for round shields. So these will probably stay white.

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