Friday, October 9, 2015

Army build archives: Post-Mongol Russian morph project

Completed in August 2015: IV/44 Post-Mongol Russians

These are created to work as a morph army, based on Early Russians but swapping out some of the early-style elements for later-style ones, and adding a few more Cv elements. The new Cv are all the beautiful Zvezda Russian Knights.

I should also note that Zvezda also produce an even later set of Russian Cavalry for those looking to stretch this army into the C16. I imagine that one could also mix in later Cossack elements and keep morphing right out to the Great Northern War and other conflicts of the early modern Russian state. 

Here's a close-up showing the earlier army elements at rear and post-Mongol at front.

Finally here's a wide shot showing the full morph:

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