Friday, October 9, 2015

II/32 Later Carthaginians

My current project is the II/32 Later Carthaginians, with an emphasis on the Italian adventure, or (a) list if you like. It's part of a wider project: a plan to field these and their Roman enemy, and downstream, some allies for both. I've approached this in an unusually planned way. I'm using HaT minis throughout for example, and (as far as I know) have all of the resources I need before beginning.

I'm using the 3.0 list. Foot requirements are 12 spear minis suited to Liby-phoenicians (pictured above), 4 heavy Spanish foot, 2 light Spanish foot with javelins, and 2 Balaeric style slingers. I've already got plenty of Gallic foot, but will add a number of African (Libyan) foot, so that I can field Carthaginians against Gauls. I'll probably look to add two more Spanish foot elements further down the track.

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  1. Very nice. Are those the Cart Veterans? Haven't got any of those myself. Very cool!