Monday, April 18, 2016

Numidians: blades, command and look! elephant

After many days of procrastinating, where in the weekend I would say 'I can do that weekdays' and each weekday evening I would find it all too inconvenient and put it off to the weekend, I finally got back to my Numidians.

The 'on the go' minis are command, which is a Cv element of Spanish and Cartaginian horse and a LH mini that has a bit of conversion on the general; blades, which are just plain old Carthaginian foot and swappable with my LaterCarts; and the elephant in the room, which is a normal Carthaginian El with a slight tweak on the soldiers up on the castle.

Skin tone varies across the minis, but is relatively dark compared to their Carthaginian neighbours. I've also gone with black for hair, not something I do as a rule.

I had a setback on tunic colour. I really must remember that light grey dries to grey. Most are now highlighted with white.

Shield faces are white, awaiting suitable transfers. The exception is the Spanish horseman, who still has his caetrati-sized shield.

I've got the blades onto bases - part complete - and expect to finish basing this week. Then it will be LH assembly-line time.

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