Friday, March 18, 2016

Back up a step, add shields

With four elements of Psiloi assembled and based it is time to add shields, sourced from HaT Carthaginian Command, to the shieldless four minis from Alexander's Lights. It should really have been done way, way back at trim-out time, but I wasn't sure it was needed.

Still, the source material says foot have shields just like their big brothers on horses, and these shields are a really good match.

The shields come with a hole ready for a pin, which is no good to me, so I use the same latex grout filler I use on bases to fill those. PVA glue gives a reasonable adhesion between figure and shield, then I glue a shield strap made from dental floss over. Just one - the hand grip is too fiddly for me and pretty invisible on the other readymade minis anyway.

The picture shows work in progress - the minis are actually finished but the shields are raw - and some based, but unflocked, other Psiloi.

Oh - and, on the based Psiloi, you can see the conversion to a couple of wee javelins, from one weird spear.

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