Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Numidian CF/Celtiberians

This pic shows the idea I had for finishing the Numidian CF element. I already have an ex-member of HaT Greek Artillery (extreme left) and I thought, maybe a RedBox 1920 Gangster's Moll, with veiled-headwear added and coat suitably lengthened, would be a fair match (lower left).

The other project in hand (centre top) hints at where my next army build effort is going. The two minis (out of focus sorry) are made of top-half puny Britons or Gauls, bottom half Hannibal's Africans. Celtiberians wore Gallic top tunic, but were bare-legged or had Iberian style greaves. These are the least ambitions conversions, and are more or less just cut at belt line, drill for wire peg, then peg-and-superglue.

I'm not planning an army of these hybrids - for one thing I don't have enough discards - but I dearly wanted a couple of Celtiberian elements for my Ancient Spanish/LaterCarts options.

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