Monday, April 25, 2016

II_40 Numidian

We open the Numidians with two command options, 1x General as Cv with Spanish bodyguard (and looking very Punic) or as LH. As mentioned in the blog the LH general's figure was re-reworked from a Medieval Irish conversion that wasn't needed, hence the cloak, fuller beard etc.

Next up is compulsory 4 x LH and 4 x Ps:
The LH on the left is the element prepared for II/32 Later Carthaginian - you can see the slightly deeper brown used. I decided to leave the shield faces 'raw' as in  dark wash-varnish over the original. It will be easy to paint white if I want to later.

The Ps at left are from HaT's African foot, converted to hold javelins/darts. The Ps on the right are from HaT's Alexander's Lights, with Numidian-style shields added from the Carthaginian Command box.

The mighty Ellie is resplendent (and with a fruity-themed backdrop!) as technically an option, but the main point of why I chose to get this army so I'm never going to field a slinger/bow Ps, the alternate.

I already have the 2x4Ax javelinmen with my Carthaginians. This is the alternate and 'tougher' option. Under two different rulers, Numidian fielded close-formation troops that DBA 3.0 is happy to name Bd. If they enter the Carthaginian ranks, they will be Sp.

And the army assembled:


  1. Very nice. I especially like the ribbon on the LH General. Nice touch.

  2. Yes, that's dental floss split down the middle, makes a good streamer. And I sort of have an idea for a second camp follower... we'll see what happens next few days. :)