Saturday, April 30, 2016

Am I kidding myself?

So, more not-assembling my not-Celtiberian BD elements has occurred.

The official DBA3.0 Celtiberian version of Ancient Spanish requires 6x3Bd, or 18 minis. My LateCarts featured a stand of 4Ax Lusitanians that could act as Blades. Then, as featured here, I assembled some conversions, achieving 6 minis. Returning to the Carthaginian Command box I found another 6. Finally, scraping through a Briton Chariot entourage I found 2 more minis that could be converted. And I had one top-half of a warrior that I think I can match with a Spanish slinger bottom.

The next stage of not-assembling will involve thinking about how a Celtiberian Cv element might look.

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