Monday, July 10, 2017

[DBA3.0] Solo battle: Later Carthaginians II/32a v Numidians II/40

In which Later Carthaginians (LCart) go searching for their first win, and get their ass handed to them by Numidians (Num).


  1. Home and away: LCart Ag4 rnd6=10, Num Ag1 rnd2=6. Num are defence.
  2. Terrain: results on the random terrain roll are tweaked to portray Num home ground, in that 'hill' becomes 'difficult hill' and 'boggy' becomes 'woods'. The result of four rolls is a fairly symmetrical map with woods on one end, broken ground on the other, and two lengthwise difficult hills.
    (Later pictures have a stalagmite on each hill and a treestump on the woods to remind myself they are rough going.)
  3. Deployment: LCart roll high again and deploy left, Num deploy centre.
  4. The sides: Both have rolled attacking options, so once again LCart have no El and for their part Num go heavy on the LH. No El at all! Booo!
    LCart: 1xCvGen, 1xCv, 1xIberian LH 1xNumidian LH 'traitor', 3x4Sp, 1xLigurian 4Ax, 2xIberian 4Ax, 2xPs, 1xCF in camp.
    Num: 1xCvGen, 6xLH, 4xjavelin Ps, 1xsling Ps in camp.

The Game

Round 1

Num PIP3 axis 4=shift left, to left.
Reserving the right and centre, the left flank moves then Ps seize the heights!
LCart PIP1 axis 5=shift left, rotates to right.
All Ax wheel right. They are solid Ax and move 2BW.

Round 2

NUM PIP3 axis 1, remain left.
The centre LH race forward to join the left in a daring sweep! (Farthest element is now out of command, and the hill is threatening to block command to other LH.)

LCart PIP3 axis 5=shift left, to centre.
While reserve Ps (in woods) edge round to prevent a full encirclement, Ax rush the difficult ground, and reserve LH covers their flank.

Round 3

Num PIP3 axis 4=shift left, rotates to right.
The right flank is unleashed, Ps making extra moves to gain the right-flank heights!
LCart PIP6 axis 5=shift left, to left flank.
Skirmishing Ps race forward to the heights, Sp march slowly forward. Cv and LH move out, LH making one extra move. Command is becoming a problem.

Round 4

Num PIP2 axis 1=remain right.
LH cover the possibility of a thrust down the flank, and the 'traitor' menacing the Ps flanks.
LCart PIP5 axis4=shift left, rotates right.
The Ax are thrown up the heights into battle, gaining a lock, and one 4Sp is marched over rightward.
Melee 1: 4Ax rnd2+3 v locked Ps rnd6+2+1uphill-1locked=5:8. Recoil destroys locking Ax!
Melee 2: 4Ax rnd6+3-1flanked c Ps rnd4+2+1uphill=8:7, Ps recoil. (And looking at the photo, I notice they did not do that!)

Round 5

Num PIP2 axis6=shift right, rotates to left.
CvGen moves left, LH swing on 4Ax, 
Melee: LH rnd2+2 v 4Ax rnd6+3, LH flee (but are halted by friendly flank contact)
LCart PIP4 axis 6=shift right, rotates left.
Cv, CvGen and Ps all challenge for control of the left!
Melee 1: Cv are forced to recoil by pesky LH, exposing Ps to a double flanking.
Melee 2: Ps thus exposed is duly destroyed!
Melee 3: CvGen, flanked, manages an unsatisfactory recoil on the LH.

Round 6

Num PIP3 axis 6=shift right, to centre.
CvGen moves to centre enabling command over the hill, Ps lock on 4Ax on hill.

Melee: Ps rnd3+2+1uphill v 4Ax rnd3+3-1flanked=6:5, 4Ax destroyed!
LCart PIP3 axis 1=remain left.
CvGen closes, bringing traitor LH up on his right and 2x4Sp advance to cover heights.
Melee: CvGen rnd5+4-1 flanked v LH rnd3+2-1flanked=8:4, LH destroyed. At last!

Round 7

Num PIP2 axis 5=shift left, to left flank.
LH (the one in command line of sight) swing and charge!
Melee: LH rnd1+2 v 4Ax rnd3+3=3:6, LH flee again! (And once again halt on friendly flank contact.)
LCart PIP4 axis 1=remain left.
2x4Sp ascend heights and their fellow 4Sp reserve shift left. The reserve LH is pulled to centre. (This could have been a decisive punch through to trap the Num CvGen, axis dice said otherwise. A race forward would leave most of the LCart army out of command, so a more prudent advance makes sense.)

Round 8

Num PIP5 axis 2=remain left. 
Ps and LH team up to tackle 4Ax. With spare PIPs far-left LH sweep round to enter reserve Ps' ZOC.
Melee: Ps rnd2+2 v 4Ax rnd3+3-1flanked=4:5, Ps and LH recoil.

LCart PIP1 axis3, remain left.
Reserve 4Sp closes. A little.

Round 9

Num PIP3 axis 6=shift right, to centre.
Pull back!
LCart PIP5 axis 5=shift left, rotates right.
Reserve Ps in woods tackles the LH in its ZOC while 4Ax and Iberian LH attack the now-isolated LH, and traitor LH shift to cover.
Melee 1: Ps rnd4+2 v LH rnd2+2=6:4, LH recoil.
Melee 2: 4Ax rnd2+3 v LH rnd3+2-1flanked=5:4, LH recoil.

Round 10

Num PIP6 axis 5=shift left, to left. 
Two disengaged LH sweep round to attack and lock the traitor LH, while remaining elements cover.
Melee: LH rnd6+2 v traitor LH rnd4+2-1flanked=8:5. Traitor destroyed, 

game over, Numidians win 4:1.

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