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[DBA3.0] Solo battle: Later Carthaginians II/32a v Iberians II/39a

Another in the Punic-themed battles with sides I've recently built. This was an intriguing game of shifting flanks. The axis dice really played its part giving changes in tactics I would never try in a normal solo.

This wargame includes some tweaks to the random terrain rules that the previous game suggested.

Brief reminder of solo tweaks

  1. Selection: Each side dices as usual on Aggression to decide aggressor, but also adds a POSTURE based on aggression d6, evens being attacking selection (if options) and odds being defensive selection (if options). I have now decided that Elephants are defensive, since they cost an extra PIP to move.
  2. Deployment: Each side rolls a second d6 and adds it to aggression d6 above. The result decides concentration in the deployment zone: 11-12 is left-weighted, 9-10 is right-weighted, 5-8 is centre-weighted, and 2-4 is reserved.
  3. Terrain is laid out using either a 'defender selects, attacker removes' system or random. The random method is now:
    Divide board into quadrants as normal. Roll three distinct d6, one for x axis, one for y axis, one for terrain type/size. If x=y and value 1-3, feature is a river; or if value 4-6, feature is a road.
    1   Plough if arable, boggy otherwise
    2   Gentle hill, or dune if dry
    3   Woods if arable, broken ground otherwise
    4   Long gentle hill if arable, gully or difficult hill otherwise
    5   Scrub if arable, long difficult hill otherwise
    6   Difficult hill if arable, difficult hill with 2+ edges impassable otherwise
    If plough or waterway, roll again. 5-6=BUA is added.
  4. Axis: Each round, each general rolls an additional d6. This determines where he must focus, though surplus PIPs can still be spent elsewhere.
    1-3   Continue with existing axis
    4-5   Shift left. If already left flank, rotate to right
    6      Shift right. If already right flank, rotate to left.

Choosing up sides

Later Carthaginians II/32a (LCart) fight Iberian II/39a (Iber)
LCart Ag4+rnd2=6; Iber Ag0+rnd5=5. Iber (arable) are defender. LCart posture attack, Iber poster defence.
Deployment: LCart rnd6=8, centre. Iber rnd3=8, centre.

Terrain: I roll plough, scrub, off the board, and a long gentle hill with axis across the x. Its centre line may have an effect.

Base lines: LCart naturally take the plough and hill, to deny them to the defenders!

The sides: 

Iber don't have options. They are:
6x3/4Ax (I have 2x4Ax)

LCart are:
1x4Ax (Ligurian)

Each side has an element in camp. Mainly due to absent-mindedness the LCart lose their Cv, the Iber lose 1x3Ax.




The game

Round 1

Iber PIP6 axis4=shift left.
Iber CvGen shifts himself and the reserve left and spreads his left flank Ps forward.

LCart PIP3 axis3=remain centre
Lights move up. Wb shift left.

Round 2

Iber PIP2 axis2=remain left. Left flank is developed.
LCart PIP3 axis6=shift right. LH are brought right.

Round 3

Iber PIP6 axis6=shift right (to centre). Entire centre advances, CvGen moves back to reserve, Ax shake out, and LH join that shielded flank.
LCart PIP4 axis5=shift left (to centre). Get those Wb out! Ps shake out as well. And with a spare PIP one of the LH pony up forward of the hill.

Round 4

Iber PIP1 axis3=remain centre. Heavies move up flanked by lights, leaving original reserve on left.
LCart PIP4 axis1=remain centre. Wb advance, 4Ax Ligurians shift to make room, Libyan spears roll forward and CvGen is reserved.

Round 5

Iber PIP5 axis3=remain centre. Heavies join battle-line. Reserve 3Ax move to line.
LCart PIP6 axis1=remain centre. LH join the general line of battle with Sp and Wb. Left flank extends and CvGen advances.

Round 6

Iber PIP3 axis6=shift right. LH race right!
LCart PIP1 axis1=remain centre. Battle line rolls forward!

Round 7

Iber PIP4 axis6=shift right (rotate to left). CvGen inserts into line opposite LH; reserve 3Ax hurries back left.
LCart PIP5 axis2=remain centre. Only 2 PIPs are spent leaving LH and CvGen retired. ZOC is applied to most Iberian elements.

Round 8

Iber PIP3 axis1=stay left! CvGen and Ps charge LCart LH, while 3Ax switches with another Ps.
Melee 1: Iber CvGen rnd4+4 v LCart LH rnd3+2=8:5, LH recoil.
Melee 2: Iber Ps rnd2+2 v LCart LH rnd3+(2-1)=4:4, both stay.
LCart PIP1 axis5=shift left. CvGen commits to left.
Melee: LCart LH rnd1+(2-1) v Iber Ps rnd5+2=2:7, LH destroyed!

Round 9

Iber PIP6 axis1=remain left. CvGen and Ps go for remaining LH, no other PIPs used.
Melee: Iber CvGen rnd6+4 v LCart LH rnd5+(2-1)=LH recoil-flanked-destroyed.
LCart PIP5 axis1=remain left. CvGen and supporting Ps charge LH and flank. Heavies slot in to prevent negatives.
Melee: general disappointment for LCarts! 

Round 10

Iber PIP2 axis6=shift right (to centre). CvGen and Ps form column and race right!
LCart PIP6 axis4=shift left (rotates to right). CvGen commits all Sp forward and peels Wb off to cover Iberian CvGen. Pulls battle line out.
Melee: another disappointing set of recoils, even though 4Sp are supporting each other.

Round 11

Iber PIP6 axis4=shift left to centre. CvGen charges Wb and Ps locks in. Heavies ZOC Ligurians and other Wb, Ps and LH on right flank ZOC LCart Ps and CvGen.
Melee: Wb destroyed.
LCart PIP6 axis6=shift right (rotates to left). Everything charges!
Melee 1: LCart CvGen rnd4+4 v Iber LH rnd1+2, LH destroyed.
Melee 2: LCart Ps rnd5+2 v Iber Ps rnd1+(2-1)=Ps destroyed.
All other melees result in recoils.

Round 12

Iber PIP5 axis1=remain centre. CvGen and Ps repeat their charge and lock on the second Wb. Reserve Ps moves to lock on Sp with 3Ax.
Melee: Both Wb and Sp are destroyed.

Final result: Iberians win 5:2

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