Friday, February 17, 2017

Parthian heavies 1

Onto Parthians, a great opponent to Impie Romans.  These heavies go 4 to a base and are entirely armoured. Two unusual techniques seem called for. You can see the first here, after riders are posted on (drill, wire post) and the base varnish is done: dry-brushing as a full coat of paint.

First, dark water soluble stain/varnish - I use Cabot's rich teak but have used other varieties over the years. If you buy light, you have the option of mixing an acrylic in. For example I can mix black in, end result, flexible black undercoat. You can see the straight undercoat on each base in the photo. It is semi opaque, letting the natural cream of the plastic be seen.

Next, I mix a silver-gold colour to represent bright-polished brass and iron. Then, using a large (sz4) Filbert brush, I dry-brush armour, not worrying about over-paint. Then I use Army Painter strong tone to give that depth, since the minis lack much themselves.

Colour gets added as normal after that, and at this stage all I've done is dark grey on mounts.

The second unusual technique will be adding terrain to each base prior to basing.

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