Sunday, February 12, 2017

II/8 Bruttian, Lucanian, Campanian Punic era Italians complete!

What a long project this has been. But at last the Romans and Carthaginians can take their pick of allies, leaving me still enough to field some sort of Italiate army.

This army morphs for II/8b Campanian or II/8a Bruttian (without Hd). In its favoured Campanian mode it is:

CvGen, Cv, 4x4Sp, 4x3Ax, 2xPs.

In its less favoured Bruttian/Lucanian mode it is:

CvGen, 5x4Ax, 4x3Ax, 2xPs.

Obvious expansions are the virtually unarmored Apulians, the hefty, possibly 12x4Ax Samnites, later Etruscans (with Hellenistic style hoplites) and Syracusans.

But for now I'm heading away from the Punic era!


  1. Well done. It's a great feeling to get an army finally done!

  2. Excellent job, basing and painting, beautiful units!