Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Long Night using HOTT

They don't teach generalship in Westeros.
After sneering my way through every setpiece battle of season 7 I really feel I have to solo the Long Night, AKA battle of Winterfell.

These lists and special rules are the result of three attempts at it. This is as playable a compromise as I could want.

Army lists

Army of the Night King
1. Night King riding the undead dragon, as Aerial Hero, special rule 1. Cost 6.
2. White Walkers as cleric, special rule 2. Cost 3.
3. Summoned storm as Airboat, special rule 3. Cost 3.
4. Undead as Horde, special rules 4 and 5. Cost 12.
Special rules for attackers
1. Only the death of the Night King ends the attack.
2. White Walkers act as the Night King's proxy for exerting command. So long as they are in base to base contact with the horde group commanded, no extra PIPs are needed regardless of the Night King's distance.
3. The storm front behaves the same as an airboat element, but cannot be attacked by enemy, and flees off the board if it loses.
4. Undead never recoil, they can only be destroyed by doubling or by being defeated and not doubled, while atop a flame trench. If the latter, the trench is also removed.
5. Undead can be sacrificed to automatically win against lurking flame trench, and for converting fortification to uphill slope. These are cumulative so that two elements are needed to "pave the way" over a flame trench and field fortification.

Allied armies
1. Jon Snow with various other key characters, as Hero. Cost 4.
2. Daenerys with her dragons, as Dragon. Cost 4.
3. Artillery based in Winterfell, special rule 2. Cost 3.
4. Dothraki as 1xriders. Cost 2.
5. Unsullied as 1xspears. Cost 2.
6. Northern forces as 1xwarband. Cost 2.
7. Three base widths field fortifications, special rule 3. Cost 3.
8. Four base widths flame trenches, special rule 4. Cost 4.
Special rules for defenders
1. Only the loss of the Stronghold (representing Bran being taken) ends the defence.
2. Artillery have a range of 500p from the Stronghold, but may not support elements in melee. Other artillery rules all apply.
3. Field fortifications may be of two types, a chevaux-de-frise that creates the bad going condition for elements attempting to cross it, or a rampart that does the same but also prevents melee support. Ditches, pot-holes, rope-tangles and so forth are assumed to form part of these defences.
4. Flame trenches are essentially passive lurkers. They may be summoned adjacent to defending elements, field fortifications, or the Stronghold. They act in support of active defenders. See attacker special rule 4. If no land opponent remains within 600p the flame trench is removed.

An account of the battle
The cost for bringing up reinforcements, moving himself and using the ice storm was a great puzzle for the Night King. The defenders juggled around a little, trying to set the Hero to best use, whittling away hordes with artillery, and keeping the last flame trench as a surprise. Eventually the Hero Jon Snow stalked close enough to the Night King to try the single combat, and with a 6:1 victory was gained!

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