Monday, November 14, 2016

Celtiberian project complete!

Finished basing with grass, dry-brushing: now onto the gloating:

There are some problems with them: the general element isn't particularly distinctive; the caetrati Ps include a couple of sword-waving maniacs and two falcata-armed elements; and of course if you look closely some of those heavies (3Ax) look very Roman! But overall a nice, slightly more colourful Spanish ally to either Rome or Carthage.

So overall, I have a double II39 Iberian force: and an element of 4Ax Lusitanians and another of Balearic slingers.

The II39a Iberians are in foreground and Lusitanians to their flank. II39b Celtiberians are arrayed behind them. I have very few minis left from the two HaT boxes that make up the core, so a very pleasing use of available minis!

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