Saturday, July 23, 2016

II/39 Ancient Spanish - Iberians

This weekend featured a 24-hour flu... and I revived today and polished off the Iberians!

A number of these were already built for my Later Carts, but here they all are:

Cavalry (long-shield) general, and round-shield light horse:

The standard born by the standard-bearer is a HaT standard. Though you can't see it from the front, the rider on the left has a minor conversion - he is a round-shield in the box so that gets chopped away and a long shield tacked over it.

Heavy foot (4Ax):

One element of these bad boys was already in my LtrCarts so to match it I had to find another four. Some of the HaT foot are very poorly moulded and once you carve away the mismatched sides, some stick-like legs result. I decided to leave a couple of faces mismatched, or there would be no face left!

Regular foot (3Ax):

Now in DBA there is no reason for Iberian to have 3Ax over 4Ax - but in terms of numbers of long-shield foot, I could only come up with this combination.

One interesting feature of the finish on the minis is that I have used a sharpie permanent marker to scrawl the shield motifs. The main advantage over painting is speed.

Caetrati skirmishers (2Ps):
Again, one element is part of the LtrCarts. I have a couple more, waving swords, but they are in reserve in case the Celtiberians need them. (If they ever get finished!)

The full army:

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