Thursday, February 11, 2016

Italian Allies trimmed out

The elements that I'll be adding to Polybian Romans and Later Carthaginians are firming up, at least in my mind; and after a couple of evenings' dogged knifework, I have 20+ minis.

HaT's Italian Allies some in two boxes, one for foot one for horse. Both are in a really nice hardness of plastic, not too soft not too hard. I didn't have to swap in a new knife blade. Moulding is average: there are quite a number of minis where there is a distinct space and mould mark. The exception seems to be the horses, which were really easy and clean. I may have been lucky on that one, the riders were average.

The foot box supplies you with a variety of potential armies, all viewable in WRG's Armies of Macedonian and Punic Wars. If I go down the road of building full Italiot armies, I'll need more boxes. Samnites in particular would need two boxes, minimum, based on the DBA3.0 lists.

Some foot poses are quite placid looking. Their role with the Romans requires them to be Auxilia, so standing with spear at rest is not a great look. I trimmed out four of 'Alexander's Light Infantry' at the same time, in case I decide to swap for more active-looking Auxilia!

HaT offer spare sword and spears and a few spare shields, and of course other HaT boxes have the same, so there are options especially for Hoplon-toting types.

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