Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rapid progress on the Later Amorites

So the weather stays cool (and damp) and great for painting. I power through the 2nd coat of white for the kilts, the browns (mid brown first for most of the gear, then the pale brown and dark brown) and flesh highlights once the dreaded eyes are on. Very little of this is needed - I seem to have gotten the wash of flesh colour over white base just right this time. For the latter I fall back on the two lines of brown for each eye - one for the eyebrow one for the eye itself. It's basic but these figures just aren't clear enough to try the full eye again. Then dark brown again for "lining out" the detail, and a few sparse colours for the kilts. It doesn't take long for them all to dry, and so on to the outer varnish of stain. This protects the mini from almost any damage, and incidentally brings out the detail by providing a natural shade in hollows. Thin it down so that the detail doesn't get smothered, and you have no problems. Once the minis are all done and dry, it's on to the bases. Trusty coloured (terracotta) latex grouting, smoosh each mini right into it, then use a stiff brush - an artist's chisel-tip brush is best - to "paint" the grout over each base. Then add a few strategic "rocks" from fine gravel, and wait for them to fully dry.
This is the 4Bw General element, after basing but before the base is complete, to demonstrate how the grouting is used to completely cover each mini's base.

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