Friday, April 2, 2010

Scythians at last

Man oh man, this has got to be one of the very slowest projects I have ever undertaken. But finally I have begun actually completing the paint jobs on my Scythians.
I started them, then got discouraged and left off to do the Gallic chariots, then the Gallic command, then the Gallic cavalry - in fact it was beginning to look as though my workbench would have piles of red-brown and whitish minis lying around permanently! But after some motivation and art help from the fanaticus community I compiled enough pictures of Scythians to make a go of them.
It was still slow going but I now have the baseline paint on 12 horse, 12 riders, and 15 foot. There's a whole other pack of 18 cavalry to work on after that!
My approach now that I am this far is to treat each as it own work of art. Scythians loved decoration and even a lowly skirmisher could have panelled edges on a jacket.

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